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  • Top-level domains are listed on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) website.

    In 2014, 1,400 new domain suffixes are set to expand the internet. How will small and big business respond?

  • The human-like robot called Pepper, developed by SoftBank's Aldebaran Robotics unit.

    Cloud computing isn't just for humans - robots are getting in on the action too.

  • Spotify is among a host of subscription music services that have come under fire from artists and labels in recent times over royalty payments.

  • Why this investor is big on the cloud sector

    Navin Thukkaram, Angel Tech Investor, explains why he's bullish on the cloud sector.

  • While many companies have played significant roles in the development of cloud computing these ten companies that really got the ball rolling.

  • The 'cloud' conjures images of a remote place in the sky where people store documents, photos and music, yet the reality couldn't be more different.

  • In twenty minutes, Zhou Juehui drops in on a lecture on Model Thinking or perhaps something on management from L'Ecole Centrale in Paris.

  • For 32-year-old Yogendra Shah, cloud computing was the best business decision he's made since starting his research company iResearch Services.

  • Working in Asia? Cloud computing could soon make your relationship with cubicles a thing of the past, according to Jones Lang Lasalle.

  • Premium: Acer 140505

    It’s called ‘Build Your Own Cloud’ and it’s key to the cloud computing strategy that Acer hopes will turn around its fortunes.

About Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing is quickly becoming indispensable to the 2.7 billion computer users around the world, find out what's ahead for this powerful concept.