2nd Annual "Dealmakers' Summit" Connects Promising Franchises With Capital Partners

CHICAGO, June 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an effort to help bridge the gap between the franchising community and access to private equity funds, a driven Chicago-area franchising industry executive is hosting the second annual Dealmakers' Summit, which serves as a unique platform for matching growth-oriented companies in franchising with capital partners to keep private equity dollars in the franchise sector.

Founded in 2012, Dealmakers' Summit, to be held August 26-28, 2013 at Hotel Sofitel in Chicago, is the only event with the sole focus of connecting equity investors with franchisors, and multi-unit franchisees, who are pursuing funding to enhance and grow their brands. This year's cutting-edge meeting will be the top venue for capital investors of all sizes and franchise companies to meet, network and exchange information with the end goal of placing equity.

"I think that what makes this event so special is the fact that it is being organized by people who understand the need for sufficient funding in the franchise industry and the nature of these equity transactions," said Susan Black-Beth, Chief Operating Officer for Super Wash, Inc. and well-known figure in the franchising community. "The Summit is a very action-oriented event that is all about making deals happen. I want to see meaningful connections made between the equity funds and the franchise community."

The intimate event will provide the opportunity for franchisors and multi-unit franchisees, which are committed to growth and innovation, to be featured in "Spotlight" presentations. Similar to Shark Tank, the entrepreneurs will have 15-20 minutes to present their concept and business plan in front of a number of equity investors, focusing on their company goals and the reasons they are pursuing funding. Following the presentations, there will be confidential one-on-one follow-up meetings for the private equity firms to take a closer look at the companies that intrigued them.

Testimonials from last year's Dealmakers' Summit illustrate just how successful this event can be. According to Ronald A. Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Crown Business Holdings, his company has seen "amazing outcomes as a direct result of being allowed to present their franchise acquisition and growth model at the Dealmakers' Summit." Eriksen added that he predicts it would have taken his company a year to accomplish what they did in just two days at the event.

The Summit is an authentic one-stop-shop where brands and capital partners come together and can pitch themselves to multiple parties, making deals more time and cost efficient, while creating networking and learning opportunities. This Summit is the place to meet entrepreneurs, learn about new franchise concepts and network with key thought leaders in the franchise industry. To amplify the effectiveness and solidify the integrity of this event, all franchisors must be pre-qualified in order to attend. Due to the nature of this summit, there is no general admission and there is no on-site registration.

"I attended Dealmakers' in 2012, and it exceeded my expectations," said Andy Phipps, Vice President, Investors Management Corporation. "Nowhere else have I had the opportunity to see, hear and meet with such a range of folks in the franchise space at one time. These are deals that I don't think you'd get exposed to anywhere else. These are not listed with a broker or advertised; these are from the principles directly, and they are seeking investors and other experts to help them put the deals together."

For more information about the Dealmakers' Summit, visit www.dealmakersummit.com.

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