‘A Great Trading Summer’: Bessemer CIO

Investors should stay long the stock market despite the likely volatility ahead, Bessemer Trust CIO Rebecca Patterson said Friday.

"I think stocks can still go up," she said. "It's just going to be a choppier summer."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Patterson said that the stock market was overreacting to the media buzz surrounding the idea of the Federal Reserve tapering of quantitative easing.

"Everyone wants to hear what the Fed thinks, so everyone trots out every current, former, voting, non-voting Fed member, and the market's not differentiating," she added. "They're reacting to everything. I think that's adding to the volatility."

Patterson also said that she didn't expect tapering to begin anytime soon.

"Volatility's not going away this summer, but the Fed's not going to tighten," she added.

Patterson, with $50 billion in assets under management, said that she was underweight materials and overweight health care, technology and consumer discretionary.

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"But they're not sector bets, per se, as where we see opportunity," she added.

Patterson also said that she hoped Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke would calm the markets.

"My problem and my nervousness about Bernanke – I do think he'll walk back a bit, but he can't walk back too far because then you see things like people reaching for yield in places they shouldn't, putting their hand in the cookie jar that ain't good for them," she added.

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"When we saw in May people paying huge premiums for Rwandan bonds – Rwandan bonds – that's the sort of thing that makes Bernanke stay up at night."

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