Are Investors Overconfident in the US?

It might be a good time to start asking whether the next winning trade is outside of the United States, Michael Santoli of Yahoo Finance said Friday.

"We have a 2,500-basis-point outperform in the S&P 500 vs. emerging markets this year," he said. "How much farther can that stretch? And in what way might that converge?"

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Santoli said that betting on U.S. stocks has, so far, been "the right position to have."

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And while it wasn't yet time to bail on domestic investments, Santoli said that it would be wise to start looking elsewhere.

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"The U.S. housing recovery is the one reliable global growth theme I think people have great confidence in, so I'm not really bearish because of this consensus, but I do think really as we go into 2014 have to start asking, 'Are there other parts of the world that are overdue to actually play some catch-up?'"

Santoli acknowledged that betting on emerging markets was "a huge leap, and you have all these headwinds that are very well known."

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Even in Europe, he added, there are plenty of stocks that are cheap.

"The stuff that people acknowledge is cheapest is kind of the ugliest, riskiest stuff," he added. "I do think this general view that EM looks cheap, but is it cheap for a reason or is it an opportunity?"

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