Cumming Cat Clinic Makes Feline Wellness Affordable with ValueCare Packages

CUMMING, Ga., June 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ValueCare Cat Wellness Clinic announced that the cat hospital is offering special feline wellness care packages, which are designed to make cat care affordable and accessible. Cats of all ages – from kittens to senior cats – benefit from regular wellness care services including vaccinations, cat and kitten spay and neuter, and dietary counseling. Pet owners may choose between several different wellness care packages combining vaccinations with deworming, wellness screenings and blood work tests. The packages combine different wellness treatments in an effort to make care more affordable.

Cat owners who are searching for affordable, quality pet care can now purchase a feline wellness care package from ValueCare Wellness Clinic. The packages combine routine feline wellness services, including vaccination boosters, parasite screenings, blood work, and diet and nutrition care.

"Our feline veterinary care team understands that there are many costs associated with pet ownership," said Cumming cat veterinarian Dr. Maureen Singh. "By grouping core vaccinations boosters, routine wellness checks and deworming into one visit, we help reduce the cost for veterinary care and pass the savings onto pet owners."

The Cumming cat clinic's tiered packages allow pet owners to select a level of care that is right for their pet's lifestyle needs and budget. For example, the kitten wellness packages include preventative feline services like spay/neuter and the feline vaccinations series.

As cats grow, the clinic's wellness care packages are designed to help prevent illness and protect a pet's health. Dr. Singh recommends a full wellness exam, parasite screening and vaccination boosters every year.

"Quality wellness care is the foundation for veterinary practice and essential to maintain feline veterinary health," said the veterinarian. "That's why our vet clinic is committed to keeping care affordable and accessible through our wellness packages."

Packages start at $25 for basic vaccination boosters, including rabies and upper respiratory complex infections. Deworming, vaccination boosters and FELV/FIV/HW testing is available for $65. Full vaccination boosters, deworming, FELV/FIV/HW tests, a blood work panel and comprehensive exam are $174.

"A full wellness care package including a parasite screening, vaccinations, blood work and exam could cost upwards of several hundred dollars at other hospitals," said the veterinarian. "Thanks to our wellness packages, we are able to keep costs down and ensure this critical veterinary care is available at an affordable price."

The Cumming cat clinic also offers senior cat packages that emphasize preventative screenings to detect illnesses before external symptoms are present. Early detection and prevention helps to prevent expensive emergency vet care and support a cat's long-term health.

In addition to wellness packages, the Cumming feline animal hospital provides dental and surgical care for kittens, adult cats and senior cats. Cat owners may learn more by visiting http://www.docmeow.com.

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