Pet Dermatology Helps Pets With Allergies Says Dacula Veterinarian

DACULA, Ga., June 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apalachee Ridge Animal Hospital in Dacula, GA is educating pet owners about the benefits of pet dermatology services for treating allergies and skin disorders. Itchy skin is a top allergy symptom in pets. Dogs and cats that frequently itch, scratch or bite at their skin are likely suffering from an allergy, says the veterinary clinic. Since many skin disorders and allergies have similar symptoms, veterinarian Dr. Mike Wanchick recommends a dermatology check-up to precisely diagnose the specific cause for a pet's skin problems.

Pets that frequently itch, scratch or bite their skin many benefit from pet dermatology care, says Dacula veterinarian Dr. Mike Wanchick.

"Untreated skin disorders and allergies are incredibly painful for pets," said Dr. Wanchick. "A dermatology check-up is the best way to assess a pet's symptoms and determine the precise cause. Otherwise, pets that continue to itch and scratch at their skin can actually cause secondary skin infections."

Pets suffering from allergies do not cough, sneeze or experience constant congestion, as humans frequently do. In contrast, allergies trigger incredibly itching skin, causing pets to incessantly scratch, itch, bite or chew at their skin in an effort to relieve this pain.

Constant itching and scratching at the skin creates a warm, moist environment that is susceptible to bacterial infection. Prompt treatment can make a big difference for a pet's overall health, says Dr. Wanchick, and reduce the risk for secondary skin infections.

"Many skin disorders and allergies have very similar symptoms," said Dr. Wanchick. "Consequently, a veterinary check-up is the best way to pinpoint the precise cause for allergic reaction. Once we have determined the trigger allergen, we can work with pet owners to reduce exposure and relieve symptoms."

Pets can suffer from many of the same allergens affecting humans. These allergens include pollen, dust mites, and mold. Pets can also be sensitive to other environmental allergens, including cigarette smoke, household cleaning chemicals, and human dander.

Food allergies can also trigger itching and scratching of the skin. Common ingredients in pet foods can trigger an allergic reaction; these ingredients include beef, chicken, eggs, soy, wheat and dairy.

"Allergies can be triggered by a number of different causes," said Dr. Wanchick. "This is why veterinary dermatology care is so important. As part of a pet wellness check-up, dermatological care is the best way to diagnose the cause for a pet's allergies so treatment can swiftly begin."

In addition to treating pet allergies, Dr. Wanchick and the veterinary hospital pet wellness team treat other common pet skin conditions. These conditions include feline acne, mange, and ringworm.

"With early intervention, a topical medication can typically resolve a pet's skin problems," said Dr. Wanchick. "In other cases, medication, such as an antihistamine, may be necessary."

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