Toledo Veterinarian Offers Support for Grieving Pet Owners

TOLEDO, Ohio, June 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Toledo veterinarian is making area pet owners aware of a support group to aid those who have lost pets to diseases, accidents or natural causes. Dr. Alan Moore of Trilby Animal Hospital states that his clinic's Pet Loss Support Group can help owners withstand the grief process by removing the sense of isolation that often accompanies such losses. "People facing difficult emotional circumstances require the company of others who understand what they're going through," says Dr. Moore. "Our Pet Loss Support Center provides an important service to help these individuals recover from their loss."

Dr. Moore notes that losing a pet can prove as traumatic as losing any other member of the family. "Our pets share our lives, and we tend to make a great emotional investment in them," he says. "When we must say goodbye to them, we undergo the same stages of grief as we would for a human." He adds that owners forced to euthanize their pets may feel misplaced guilt over their decision, adding to other strong emotions such as anger and depression.

According to Dr. Moore, many grieving owners may not know how to process these emotions, or they may feel that others do not understand them, leading them to bottle up their feelings. "This kind of emotional stress is not only terribly burdensome for the individual, but it can actually interfere with their health and wellness in the long fun," he says. He points to a 2012 study indicating that grief can raise heart attack risk significantly due to an elevated level of stress hormones in the bloodstream. "The healthy way to deal with grief is to experience it and express it until it begins to lift," Dr. Moore says. "Our Pet Loss Support Group provides a safe environment for that healthy expression by giving participants a chance to interact with others dealing with the same emotions."

The support group is led by certified pet loss grief counselor Kristi Felgner and meets at the animal hospital on the second Thursday of each month from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Dr. Moore recommends that participants arrive 30 minutes early so they have a chance to review the resource table before the meeting convenes. He also asks support group members to bring a picture or other keepsakes representing the departed pet.

"Instead of burying their feelings or trying to forget their animals, our participants talk freely about the time they spend with the pets and embrace those memories," says the Toledo veterinarian. "This allows the healing process to begin." Participants must contact the facility in advance to reserve their spot for each session by calling the hospital at: 419-474-5403 or emailing Kristi at:

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