Voxofon to Share Insights as Exhibitor and Panelist at Global Messaging World Congress

HOUSTON, June 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Voxofon, a leading universal IP-based communications technology company, will be among the industry leaders addressing issues such as revenue, profitability and partnerships for "Over-The-Top" providers at the Global Messaging World Congress June 18-19 in London. As one of the featured "OTT Movers," Roberto Moctezuma will represent Voxofon on Tuesday, June 18th, on the panel entitled, "The OTT Movers: Who is Leading in the Ecosystem & How?"

Moctezuma will describe how OTTs can bridge "old world" and "new world" communications similar to the way Apple® iTunes® made it possible for the recording industry to monetize online delivery of music.

"The key for everyone involved – OTTs and carriers alike – is to focus on creating solutions that solve customer problems and add value – we have seen that people will pay for that," said Moctezuma.

Voxofon is experiencing rapid growth due to the simplicity and flexibility of its products and services, which provide the exceptional cross-platform environment and market-leading functionality that connected consumers demand. Voxofon's apps can be used for international and domestic voice and messaging on virtually any connected device, including smartphones, PCs, tablets and landlines. With Voxofon's iOS app, even wifi-enabled music players such as the Apple iPod touch® can send and receive calls and text messages from friends, family and business associates around the world.

"The velocity of change is too swift for any carrier to keep pace on their own, so we will examine how OTTs can work in partnership with carriers to leverage their brand, billing and customer strengths with new and emerging technologies," Moctezuma said. "Likewise, carriers can help OTTs reach new markets and new customers, open new channels of distribution and launch new and exciting products and services. We absolutely believe that the future is brighter for all of us if OTTs and carriers work together to meet the quickly changing needs of users who are pushing for these capabilities."

Joining Moctezuma on the panel will be Pamela Clark Dickson, senior analyst for Informa Telecoms & Media in the U.K., who will serve as moderator. Other panelists include Olivier Rozay of Pinger, Tim Rea of Palringo and Tricia Bertero of GOGII. Voxofon also will exhibit at the Congress. Participants can meet Voxofon representatives at Booth 9 in the OTT Pavilion.

The Global Messaging World Congress will focus on the intense competition that SMS and MMS platforms face from instant communication and email on many smart devices, on strategic plans from industry leaders such as Voxofon and on the current and potential threats to operator messaging revenues.

Voxofon recently became the 15th top-grossing app in the Social Networking category on Apple's App Store. In March the company rolled out updates to its iPhone and Android apps, adding Wifi/3G/4G connectivity and free app-to-app calling to previously introduced features such as messaging to and from non-smartphones.

About Voxofon

Voxofon is a fast-growing OTT provider offering free and low-cost voice and messaging services to and from any device. It bridges the gap between the "new" world of smartphones and the "old" world of feature phones by leveraging its unique, IP-based communications platform, including smartphone, tablet, and web apps. Visit www.voxofon.com for more information.

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