Norstra Operations Fully on Target to Set Surface Casing Next Month

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, June 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NORSTRA ENERGY INC. WWW.NORSTRAENERGY.COM (OTCBB:NORX) (OTCQB:NORX) ("Norstra" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the new location for the first well has been surveyed on the new 17,988 acre block and the 10 day notice and advertising period for issuance of the drilling permit will commence this week. The Company expects the permit to drill to be issued between July 1 to July 3. The location will be excavated after the holidays, but before July 11. The surface casing is scheduled to be set before July 18, depending on rig availability.

The well name is the:

13-11 Milford Colony
nwsw Section 11
Township 18N, Range 5W.
Lewis and Clark County, Montana

This planned well is located in a contiguous block approximately 3.5 miles east of the Krone well which was drilled by the Shell Oil Company.

Dr. David Lopez summarized the new drilling area as follows.

"The South Sun River Prospect is an exploration project with new acreage in the East ½ T. 18 N, R. 5 W, Lewis and Clark County, MT. This area is west of Great Falls, MT in the area of the leading edge of the Rocky Mountain Overthrust Belt. The Bakken Formation in this area is the southern continuation of the 'Canadian Bakken' farther north and continues into southwestern Montana where it is called the Sappington Formation. Several wells drilled in the area have Bakken sections very similar to the Bakken in the Williston Basin. The drilling depth in the prospect area is estimated to be about 8,800 ft."

"Based upon the data available to us, the reserve estimates for the South Sun River Prospect area was calculated on the log data from the two wells in closest proximity. The Shell-Krone #31-32 is immediately adjacent to the project area on the north (Section 32, T18N, 5W). The ARCO-Steinbach #1 is west of the project area (Section 22, T17N, R6W). Reserve estimates were calculated assuming that the middle member would be completed as the oil reservoir rock, and that there would be very low water saturation based on the high RT values. The estimates also assume that the reservoir quality in the Bakken will remain relatively constant across the prospect area. The Steinbach well has the thinnest section and was used as the low expected reserve estimate; porosity from this well is from a Sonic log. The Krone well has a thicker section and the best porosity and was used for the high expected reserve estimate. A conservative porosity of 12% for the Krone well was taken from the Neutron log; the very good SP response in this well confirms the presence of well-developed porosity, possibly greater than 12%. Reserve estimates are for total original oil in place (OOIP). The data used and reserves calculated are presented in the table below. The prospect expected reserve estimate of about 11.3 MMBO/section is based on an expected reservoir thickness of 19 ft in the prospect area."

Based upon the above findings by Dr. Lopez, the unproven recoverable reserves within the immediate lease block surrounding the drillsite are estimated to be approximately 45 million barrels of oil.

Glen Landry, the President and CEO of Norstra said, "We believe this area holds tremendous potential. The seismic displays a contiguous Bakken without faulting. It appears that the seismic displays a long thrust sheet that is not broken."


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