Tampa Internet Company Adds Organization Capability to Online Personal File Storage

TAMPA, Fla., June 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The average person spends 15 minutes a day looking for important misplaced items, according to YourLifeArchive, Inc., creator of TheOneFile (www.TheOneFile.com), an Internet-based system that offers a secure, online personal data organizing system whose subscribers can store important personal documents and digital data, and use a variety of data organizing tools.

"TheOneFile easily organizes, stores and retrieves important data in a personal 'data locker' for subscriber access anywhere there is an internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," says Jim Kissane, president and founder of YourLifeArchive, Inc. "This is increasingly important in view of growing privacy concerns as well as recent natural disasters that made so many of us vulnerable to lost information and documents."

The system provides users with a secure online "safe deposit box," enabling them to organize their life into a set of pre-defined folders. TheOneFile also offers the unique "Designated Party" feature, which allows subscribers to tag/set aside information to be communicated with one or more outside parties. This is particularly important in case of incapacitation, incompetence or death and provides a way for subscribers to securely communicate selected information and documents with others.

"Storage is just one aspect of TheOneFile," says Kissane. "We've also built in a number of organizing tools." Organizing features include:

  • Folder structure that suggests areas to be stored for easy access
  • Account Summary screen that allows subscribers to track the folders they've accessed, when they were accessed and the number of documents in each
  • Record-level reminders so subscribers can create and clear follow up reminders
  • Last activity reminders that show the last folder and/or the last table the subscriber updated and when

"With TheOneFile, users can organize documents, important digital files, free-form information and convenient follow-up reminders in a single convenient place," says Andy Schultz, co-founder of YourLifeArchive. "Unlike many similar online storage systems, TheOneFile has additional privacy -- no one other than the subscriber or his/her designee can access or modify the subscriber's stored information."

TheOneFile subscription offers a simple and uncomplicated pricing plan with unlimited data storage at no additional cost, enabling users to store files, documents, photos and audio visual media for a fixed monthly fee of $7.95 or a yearly fee of $59.95. The website also offers a free trial period, requiring no credit card information when subscribers enroll for the trial.

About YourLifeArchive Inc:

Based in Tampa, Fla.,YourLifeArchive Inc. is creating new web applications intended to help people become better organized and less stressed. Developed to provide easy organization and storage for important documents, the company's TheOneFile product is a personal data locker that offers peace of mind and unlimited data storage for users, with the highest commercially available level of data security. Information is available on the website, www.theonefile.com.

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