Twitter Quitter: Kass Says He's Done With 'Haters'

Douglas Kass at the Reach poker tournament in New York.
Amanda Gordon | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Douglas Kass at the Reach poker tournament in New York.

Doug Kass has had it with the haters and declared his intent Monday to leave Twitter and his 62,000 followers behind.

The head of hedge fund Seabreeze Partners emailed his clients this morning to inform them that he's had it with the popular social network site.

In his more than 12,000 tweets, Kass had been known as one not shy from debate about his numerous market-moving positions. His highlights include a prescient bearish call on Apple last year, and he was one of the few market experts to take a dim view on Warren Buffett's flagship company, Berkshire Hathaway.

In fact, Buffett invited Kass to the company's annual meeting this year to state his bearish position, an unprecedented measure.

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He has been consistently bearish during the current market rally and has taken substantial heat for his position that stocks are overvalued and headed for a fall.

But he said he's grown tired of the constant procession of personal attacks and is packing it in.

"After all these years, especially since I have a contrarian streak, my skin is thick, but I have come to the conclusion that tweeting is simply not worth the time or effort," Kass said in the email.

"Unfortunately, there are many haters in the social blogosphere, who, perhaps because of their own issues, drown out the many good people who want a value-added investment experience by learning more and enjoying a healthy dialogue in real time."

He joins a list of noted people who have quit Twitter either permanently or temporarily, including Alec Baldwin, John Mayer and Charlie Sheen.

Kass said he doesn't expect to return to Twitter, where, despite its 140-character limit, debate can get heated and ugly.

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He cited personal attacks as his main reason for leaving.

"I don't blame @DougKass for leaving Twitter; he is attacked mercilessly, particularly by one guy and his pals who attack me, too. Hateful," tweeted CNBC's "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer.

Cramer blamed the attacks on "a stock manipulator who has gone rogue from outfit."

As for Kass, he said he has decided that "enough is enough."

"There is little question that I and my investors will be rewarded far more by spending time with companies that I am researching (and their competitors) rather than fighting battles on Twitter," Kass said.

"My Grandma Koufax brought me up differently than many of these haters. She taught me to favor respectful debate and to avoid ad hominem attacks. She taught me that the view from the high road is a far better one than the view from the low road."

_ By CNBC's Jeff Cox. Follow him @JeffCoxCNBCcom on Twitter.