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NEW YORK, NY, June 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This week, tune in to hear our guests share their expertise on HIV/AIDS research and development, short sale negotiations, astrology consulting, modern art, emotional recovery through God, life coaching and so much more! Show times are as follows:

Monday, June 17th:

Dr. Carlos Guerra from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Tuesday, June 18th:

Renee Marie Smith from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Wednesday, June 19th:

Bonnie Prebula from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Thursday, June 20th:

Alice Asmar from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Friday, June 21st:

Tiffany Castleberry from 6:00pm PST - 6:30pm PST

Betty Hames from 6:30pm PST - 7:00pm PST

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Dr. Carlos Guerra, Infectious Disease Specialist, breaks the barriers to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention

Most doctors simply treat the symptoms of disease, but Dr. Carlos Guerra, goes one step further! As an Infectious Disease Specialist at Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Guerra strives to prevent and overcome HIV/AIDS by spearheading educational campaigns in the community which target at-risk populations and by implementing cutting edge medical advancements to ensure his patients receive the best care. Dr. Guerra also practices at Mercy Hospital in Miami and at Del Ray Medical Center in Del Ray. Originally educated in Peru, Dr. Guerra will receive his Master's Degree in Public Health at East Carolina University this coming May. His fluency in Spanish is an enormous asset to the Spanish-speaking communities where he practices. Dr. Guerra works tirelessly to develop effective interventions to prevent HIV/AIDS and to keep abreast of the latest treatments available that help his patients regain their lives.

Dr. Guerra combats disease by identifying patterns within the population of infected individuals. Doing so has revealed how cultural and situational (i.e. access to healthcare and education) factors affect infection rates. Obtaining this life-saving data has given Dr. Guerra the tools to develop effective interventions aimed at prevention while directing him toward target populations who may be unaware of their elevated risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. As an infectious disease specialist, Dr. Guerra maintains an open mind and welcomes alternative treatments to his practice. Recently, he added Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a treatment option for chronic wounds and has noted an increased recovery rate on patients who receive it. Armed with ever growing knowledge, Dr. Guerra has launched the field of infectious disease into a new age by refusing to define his practice as a treatment of symptoms and by discovering ways to prevent and take control of disease from a holistic and comprehensive standpoint.

Stop suffering and start surviving! Contact Dr. Carlos Guerra today to learn more about the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS!

Dr. Carlos Guerra may be contacted as follows:

By phone: 954-493-9752

By email: Cguerra39@hotmail.com

Access Dr. Carlos Guerra's broadcasts on Genesis Global Radio anytime through the following links:

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Dr. Carlos Guerra: Show 2

Read on for Dr. Carlos Guerra's abstract of his published scholarly research:

Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) carriage among Healthcare Workers (HCW) at a Tertiary Care Hospital: Carlos Guerra MD, Kerri Augustino, Amy Pearson, Andy Blake, John Christie, MD, PhD, Keith M. Ramsey, MD

Pitt County Memorial Hospital and The Brody School of Medicine at ECU, Greenville, NC.

Background: Healthcare workers (HCW) may be carriers of MRSA and a source of transmission to patients. Studies published to date have been limited in size, with few descriptions of the genotypes of the MRSA carried. The objectives were to determine the prevalence and genotypes of MRSA isolates from among groups of HCW.

Methods: In parallel with 100% universal surveillance of admitted patients, data was collected among HCW who were voluntary screened for MRSA via nasal swab between January 2007 and March 2009. DNA was extracted and purified prior to amplification using a DiversiLab Staphylococcus aureus DNA fingerprinting kit. Data were analyzed by logistic regression, and comparing binomial distributions between groups by occupation and age.

Results: Among 7894 HCWs, 3638 (46.1%) were tested (46.1%) with 4.9% positive. Among those in direct patient care, 2136-of-4640 (46.0%) were tested with 100-of-2136 positive (4.7%). Mean carriage (+ 95% C.I.) of MRSA by occupation were nurses (4.6+ C.I.), nurses aides (5.3+C.I. ), care partners (5.5+ CI ) operating room staff (6.2+ CI ) and housestaff (0.7+ CI ). By occupation, MRSA carriage was significantly lower among housestaff than care partners ( p= 0.035). MRSA carriage among the 51-64 yr group (6%) was significantly higher (p= 0.048) than the 31-50 yr (4.1+ C.I. ) and 18-30 yr (3.9+ C.I. ) groups. Genotyping among isolates from carriers revealed 78% were HA-MRSA (USA 100,200,800, Iberian), while 13% were CA-MRSA (USA 300,500) and 9% were no match.

Conclusions: Voluntary screening for MRSA revealed an overall MRSA carriage rate among HCW of 4.9%, with statistically significantly higher carriage rates among those HCW 51-64 yrs of age. 2. HCW in direct patient care carried HA-MRSA at a ratio of 6:1 compared with CA-MRSA. 3. Further studies are needed to determine the risk factors for carriage of MRSA among HCW, and the impact of decolonization on clinical care.



Real Estate attorney and short sale expert Renee Marie Smith empowers homeowners and real estate professionals alike

Financial recovery is just a short sale away! Renee Marie Smith, Esq., owner of Smith & Associates Title Services and author of the My Short Sale Guru'sbook series has helped liberate thousands of homeowners across the country from their financial burden with her expertise in short sale negotiations. Driven by an ambitious goal of counseling 1 million short sale participants, Ms. Smith is determined to educate homeowners and real estate professionals alike on the advantages of short sale litigation. Her success in negotiating short sales has led to her appearance as host on Fox29 TV's Short Sale Guru Show in 2012 and the accreditation of her Advanced Short Sale Training courses, which are available to real estate professionals in both Florida and Nevada. Ms. Smith has been invited to speak at real estate conventions around the country as a short sale motivational speaker and has made radio appearances on Las Vegas KLAV 1230AM Radio's 4-part short sale seminar. Her acclaimed book series, which includes My Short Sale Guru's Guide to Healing and Financial Recovery for Discouraged Homeownersand My Short Sale Guru's Guide: For Real Estate Professionals to Empower and Invigorate Sales, have helped countless homeowners and real estate professionals successfully navigate the choppy waters of short sale negotiations. Ms. Smith also writes advice columns, and her work has been published nationally by numerous magazines and blogs including NAWRB's "N", Palm Beach Woman, and the Women's Council of Realtors PB quarterly. What's more, Ms. Smith is the recipient of the 2012 NAWRB Roaring Twenty Award for Business Development and her LinkedIn profile was rated among the top 5% for most viewed in 2012. Motivated by personal experience and honest values, Renee Marie Smith, Esq. has carved her place in the real estate industry as a short sale guru, and her guidance continues to give hope to struggling homeowners in these uncertain times, while providing the tools for real estate professionals to successfully guide their clients to financial freedom.

As a motivational speaker, Renee Marie Smith, Esq. has educated and inspired countless homeowners and real estate professionals to utilize the short sale as a path to financial freedom! To book Ms. Smith as a lecturer at your event, please contact her at by email at renee@smithtitleservices.comor by phone at 305-705-3428.

Smith & Associates Title Servicesis a full service real estate law firm, offering a comprehensive array of services at reasonable fees. Whatever your real estate needs, whether commercial or residential, Smith & Associates Title Services can walk you through it. In our current economic climate, real estate decisions need to be made with extreme caution--and with a real estate attorney you can TRUST! Before you take the plunge, make sure you have a raft! Call Smith & Associates Title Services today at 305-705-3428.

Attention Florida homeowners: Smith & Associates Title Servicesprocesses all Florida short sales for FREE! Yet another reason why the Sunshine State shines so bright!

Renee Marie Smith, Esq. may be contacted by email at renee@smithtitleservices.comor by phone at 305-705-3428.

For book purchases, please visit: http://www.smithtitleservices.com/my-short-sale-gurus-guide/

Follow Renee Marie Smith, Esq. on the following social media outlets:






Astrological Consultant Bonnie Prebula Maps Potential for Individual Strengths and Business Compatibilities

Need guidance? International astrologer and artist Bonnie Prebula reveals her client's strengths, warns them of their weaknesses and helps them achieve their fullest potential! Ms. Prebula provides astrological consultation for both individuals and businesses, granting her clients clarity and offering them guidance in forming compatible relationships. Working with an individual's natal birth date, time and place, (or launching date for a business), Ms. Prebula makes her clients aware of their inborn characteristics and how these characteristics interact with natal planets.

Ms. Prebula also conducts public speaking engagements to educate aspiring astrologers on the current advancements in astrology and on putting their knowledge into practice. As astrology evolves alongside advancements in human consciousness, so too do Ms. Prebula's teachings on "Science of Mind" healing techniques. Her skilled readings are as fascinating as they are accurate, and guide clients toward a greater awareness of themselves and others.

Ms. Prebula is also a gifted artist and sells her art at her Holiday Gift Gallery and Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii. Bridging her talents as an astrologer, she has recently launched a line of Astro Bears, which are specially created in the colors of an individual's astrology chart. Astro key chains and Astro pendants are also available and made according to the colors and gems of the birth chart. In addition to Astro bears, Ms. Prebula also creates beautiful necklaces made of crystal beads and woven thread. She recently traveled to Italy to study leather mask making and figurative art costuming. Her training has allowed her to experiment with soft sculpture and to bring the creatures she dreams up to life.

A pharmacist and practicing international astrologer for 34 years, Ms. Prebula is the former owner of a chain of pharmacies on the Hawaiian Islands and holds the distinction of having been the first woman to do so in Hawaiian history.

Bonnie Prebula is available for astrological consultation at most any venue across the globe--or through her interactive website at: http://astrologyconsultantservice.com/

For art inquiries, or to learn more about Bonnie Prebula, please visit www.bonniegp.com

To contact Bonnie Prebula, please call 808-526-1536 or email her at bonniegp@aol.com


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