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MOSCOW, June 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yandex (Nasdaq:YNDX), the largest European internet company operating Russia's most popular search engine and most visited website, today released a full-fledged mobile browser for the iPad and for Android smartphones. Yandex's mobile browser was designed from the ground up to closely integrate the search engine and the web surfing experience, making browsing on a touch screen device easy and intuitive.

Yandex's mobile browser takes into account all the specifics of mobile internet and helps users solve their problems when they are on the move, simplifying their search for information. Consumers can enter search queries or web addresses directly into a unified smart search field that understands common names and descriptions of sites. For example, in response to the name of a newspaper, such as 'Novaya Gazeta' or the name of a specific website with a search term, like 'Avito' and 'second-hand car', Yandex.Browser takes users directly to the required web page or even a specific section of a website, bypassing the list of search results.

Yandex understands user intent specific to mobile devices and immediately responds with search results most appropriate to the query – with maps or news, images or Wikipedia entries. When searching for photos of Paris or entering the name 'Leo Tolstoy' and 'Wikipedia' in the smart box, the user immediately sees a selection of pictures or the very article they were looking for – without even having to select them from a list of search results. Since typing on a small screen is often difficult, especially while walking, Yandex.Browser also supports voice search. Another feature, called "Tablo" provides quick access to favourite and frequently visited sites and is designed for easy navigation on touch devices.

The mobile Yandex.Browser is designed to take each device's specifics into account. For example, the smartphone browser's search bar is at the bottom of the screen, for ease of use when holding the device in one hand. Tablet users often submit queries associated with making choices – whether in hotels, recipes or products – so the Yandex.Browser for iPad has a new interface that opens the website on the right side of the screen while keeping search results simultaneously accessible on the left side, allowing the user to quickly move back and forth between them.

Thanks to its Turbo mode, Yandex's mobile browser quickly loads websites even when network connection is slow. Webpages load faster thanks to cloud-based data compression technology, saving users' time and saving money for those users who have pay-as-you-use data plans.

The Yandex.Browser for Android smartphones version 4.0 and higher can be downloaded from Google Play and Yandex.Store, while the iPad version (for iOS 5 and higher) is available in the App Store. Versions for the iPhone and for Android tablets will be available this autumn.

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