CODESMART(TM) Group Partners With CIRACET to Provide ICD-10 Educational and Consulting Services to Puerto Rico and Spanish-Speaking Healthcare Professionals

NEW YORK, June 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CodeSmart Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:FICFD), with its subsidiary, The CODESMART™ Group, Inc. (collectively, "CODESMART™"), a premier ICD-10 education and solutions group that offers CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY, its on-line education solution and customizable training solutions, announces today that it has commenced a strategic partnership with CIRACET Corp. based in Ponce, Puerto Rico to offer ICD-10 consulting and education to the Puerto Rico healthcare market. CIRACET is the largest healthcare consulting firm in the Puerto Rico healthcare market serving the 47 hospitals in Puerto Rico and also over 3,000 physicians.

"Our partnership with CIRACET provides The CODESMART™ GROUP with a strong advantage within the Puerto Rico healthcare market based on the trust and credibility CIRACET has built there," says Ira Shapiro, CEO of The CODESMART™ Group. "It is important that all members of the healthcare industry have access to solid ICD-10 training and this partnership fills an important niche in ensuring that potential and experienced Spanish-speaking coders in Puerto Rico and within the continental U.S. have access to the best training available."

CIRACET has been instrumental in helping many healthcare organizations in Puerto Rico with their technology needs and the implementation of their Electronic Health record technologies. They will exclusively market CODESMART products to their existing client base, which consists of most of the healthcare market in Puerto Rico and the rest of the market in Puerto Rico. In partnership with CIRACET, CODESMART will offer bilingual solutions in both English and Spanish, and CODESMART UNIVERSITY will provide Spanish-speaking instructors to aide Puerto Rico healthcare professionals in their effort to learn about ICD-10.

"CIRACET's collaboration with CG will mark an important step towards the achievement of ICD-10 in PR. Our long standing commitment to our quality standards, our process engineering and technology project management skill sets, amongst other clinical engineering services, have brought to Puerto Rico and the immediate healthcare region the necessary tools to achieve operational excellence. Together with CODESMART Group, we are a powerful team with the knowledge that each company brings to the table," says Oscar Misla, President of CIRACET Corp.

CIRACET provides a myriad of solutions for the effective management of healthcare technology while assisting providers with diverse consulting and service options. A talented group of engineers and healthcare professionals with over 60 years of combined experience allows the company to provide technical support expertise, process improvement guidelines as well as healthcare information technology adoption. Its efforts and devotion to this paradigm of services have led them to become one of the few healthcare technology consulting companies providing services to some of the most prestigious institutions in the U.S., the Caribbean and Latin America. CIRACET's engineers assist healthcare institutions in identifying potential savings and achieving the highest quality through better understanding, management and maintenance of healthcare systems and technology. Its spectrum of services focuses on public health authorities, hospitals, clinics, physician's offices and the life science and medical devices industry in general to provide Medical Equipment Management, Medical Technology Informatics and Health Systems Engineering Consulting as well as Applied Biomedical Research and Development.


ICD-10, or the tenth revision of the International Classification of Diseases is a World Health Organization-approved designation of the aspects of disease treatment that include categories of diseases and treatment modalities for them, broken down in to more than 141,000 designations. The previous ICD had only 17,000 codes, diagnoses and procedures. The United States is among the last countries in the world to adopt these standards, but the Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that all medical practices, hospitals and other medical record keeping organization be trained and ICD-10 compliant by October 1, 2014. This is essential as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services will also be adopting the ICD-10 standard and will require proper medical coding in order to provide reimbursement.


CODESMART Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:FICFD) with its subsidiary, The CODESMART™ Group, Inc., is a premier national subject matter expert for ICD-10 education and compliance in the United States. Its product, CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY, is an on-line program of study for existing coders, new coders, clinicians, and healthcare roles of all types. Created by a combination of a leading panel of ICD-10 subject matter experts and a major four-year accredited university, which contributed the nation's top course designers and a platform that already provides interactive education to more than 60,000 students per year in degree programs. The ICD-10 training also includes live professors who work with and guide students through the programs of study in ICD-10.

CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY is endorsed by over 60 colleges and universities nationwide for its quality of education. The CODESMART™ Group, Inc. also provides solutions for ICD-10 transitions, outsource coding, coding audits, critical documentation improvement and the revenue cycle continuum.

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