Traffic Ticket Lawyer, Mr. Ticket, Provides Complimentary Consultation for Traffic Tickets

Los Angeles, CA, June 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mr. Ticket, California traffic ticket attorney, is pleased to announce that he is now providing complimentary initial consultations for drivers who wish to learn about their options for challenging their traffic tickets. Mr. Ticket has helped countless California drivers dispute their citations in court and has successfully represented drivers facing criminal charges as a result of their citations, license suspensions, and more. No ticket is too simple or too difficult or complicated for Mr. Ticket to discuss.

Many California drivers are tempted to simply pay the fine for their ticket and move on with their lives. However, traffic tickets cost the driver more than just the initial fee. They cost them hundreds in increased insurance rates and add one or two points to the driver's license. These points may not seem like much, but they can add up quickly to a license suspension. In the state of California, a driver only needs four points on their license, or the equivalent of two traffic tickets, within 12 months to be called to a DMV hearing for a license suspension.

In other cases, the driver may face criminal charges for the citation, such as if they have been charged with a DUI, a hit and run, or reckless driving. If the driver is convicted, they face a jail sentence, a suspended license, hefty fines and fees, and a permanent criminal record. It is extremely ill-advised to attempt to represent oneself in court against charges such as these because only an experienced traffic ticket lawyer knows how to defend against these charges successfully.

No matter what the charges or tickets may be, it is important to seek legal advice before pleading guilty. Mr. Ticket, commercial driver attorney, has the skills and experience to get the fines and penalties reduced to the minimum allowed under California state law, or to get the citation dismissed entirely. Mr. Ticket has over 20 years of experience in the auto industry, which offers him unique insight into the California traffic laws.

Contact Mr. Ticket, hit and run attorney, to schedule a free consultation. There is nothing to lose and no obligation.

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