Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, Farhad Hamdam, Offers Legal Services in Los Angeles Area

Farhad Hamdam

Los Angeles, CA, June 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney, Farhad Hamdam, is offering legal services in the Los Angeles area. Pedestrian accidents in the Los Angeles area are extremely common and can lead to significant physical and emotional suffering as well as soaring financial responsibilities. Victims of pedestrian accidents should contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles so that they can better protect their rights and access the resources necessary to rebuild their lives.

Head injuries, fractures, internal injuries and spinal cord injuries are all common in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. These injuries can require victims to take days or weeks off work, can permanently affect their ability to earn a living and many cause significant disabilities that alter their lives forever. Accident victims may not be able to recover all lost function, but a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help ensure they have access to the funds that they need to rebuild their lives and recover from their injuries.

Pedestrian accident victims are not the only ones who suffer after a collision with a vehicle. Their families may suffer the loss of a loved one, or they may suffer the loss of that person's income. Both circumstances can imperil the family's future and put the victim's home, children and lifestyle at risk. A skilled pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles can help victims and their families recover compensation that will protect their futures. Many times, an attorney can settle with the driver's insurance company, but the case may also go to court, where a skilled attorney will fight to receive the maximum compensation under the law.

About Farhad Hamdam, Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Farhad Hamdam has been a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer for more than a decade and represents those who have been injured or killed in pedestrian accidents. He is committed to helping victims seek damages and rebuild their lives in the aftermath of an accident. He received his Juris Doctorate degree from UWLA in 1997 and was admitted to the California Bar just a year later. He is currently licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court and all courts in the State of California. Mr. Hamdam is an active volunteer and speaks English and Farsi.

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