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CHICAGO, June 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With extensive knowledge and a passion for progressive thinking, CarrierDirect marks the next generation in the trucking industry, a segment that is often thought of as stagnant and resistant to change. As a hub for innovation, CarrierDirect helps clients compete in an ever-changing marketplace, offering advisory services on market strategies and assisting clients to develop new capabilities to grow their share of the market, improve profitability and streamline operations.

Founder and President Jett McCandless launched CarrierDirect in 2011, taking the transportation industry to the next level with new practices, technology and partnerships with a focus on LTL. In two short years of business, CarrierDirect has established itself as pioneers in the industry, advising top third-party logistics brands on strategies and working with LTL carriers to bring on over $30 million in profitable annual revenue. CarrierDirect is headquartered in Chicago, IL, a major transportation mecca in the U.S., with a satellite office in Scottsdale, AZ.

"Having worked in this industry since I was a teenager, I've developed a widespread understanding of the transportation marketplace on both the 3PL side and the carrier side, which led me to identify an untapped area and a need for support, which CarrierDirect fills," said McCandless. "With so many carriers, 3PLs and shippers out there, finding better ways to do business can be challenging. To combat this, we offer a unique approach that helps our clients outpace their competitors through our analytical tools, understanding of the field and expansive network of both professionals and resources."

Comprised of experienced experts, CarrierDirect has a dream team with achievements including developing cold-start hyper-growth TL/LTL sales channels, building proprietary brokerage and warehouse technology, and consulting some of the largest companies on global growth strategies. Through this leadership, CarrierDirect has worked with over 100 carrier and logistics companies since its inception, one of which being Con-way Multimodal, a subsidiary of Con-way, Inc. and a leader in the transportation industry.

"The reason we work with CarrierDirect is because of their team of innovative thought leaders who seem to have endless connections in the industry that are moving the market forward," said Tommy Barnes, president of Con-way Multimodal. "The technological resources and superior knowledge and experience they bring to the table are invaluable and helps us strategically fill in the gaps to ultimately trump the competition."

Executive Vice President of Sales & Strategic Planning Pat Martin at Estes, a global freight transportation company in the LTL market, expresses similar praise.

"Throughout our relationship with CarrierDirect, they've helped advance several aspects of our business, introducing us to new clients and assisting in evaluating if a 3PL is a quality customer," said Martin. "Their expertise and network has helped us grow in both revenue and clientele, and at the end of the day, has significantly helped progress Estes forward."

Also within their vast network is the nationwide 3PL and Authorized Reseller for UPS, Worldwide Express.

"CarrierDirect has helped us immensely with developing and retaining relationships with a number of smaller LTL carriers that would otherwise not be in our portfolio," said Tom Madine, President and COO of Worldwide Express. "I trust them completely with our business because they have a full understanding of the marketplace and have truly proven themselves as a progressive group of experts in our space."

In accord, Director of Sales Channel Development Bob Riegler at New Century said, "CarrierDirect is head and shoulders above everyone else, with a thorough understanding of the financials for both carriers and 3PLs and valuable insight into developing and future trends in the industry."

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Launched in 2011, CarrierDirect is a forward thinking firm in the transportation and logistics industry that provides advisory services to top third-party logistics companies and carriers, supporting their growth to become market-leading enterprises and outpace their competition. For more information on CarrierDirect, visit

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