Cramer: Old Tech, New Favorite?

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In the event of a sell-off, Cramer thinks a handful of older technology names deserve your attention.

And by old tech stocks, Cramer is talking dinosaurs – companies such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, whose fortunes are largely tied to the PC market.

"First, they are cheap," he said. And with so many other stocks trading a higher and higher valuations, Cramer believes pros are looking for relatively inexpensive alternatives.

"Second the expectations are incredibly low so there's not that much worry about disappointment," he said. In other words, earnings could surprise to the upside and generate momentum.

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"Third, (and perhaps most important to fundamental investors) there's a new personal computer coming out with terrific touch and amazing battery life and the bulls believe it could reignite the PC market," Cramer added.

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Therefore, Cramer believes that after struggling to find favor, PC stocks may be about to experience a bit of a renaissance.

"I know this whole concept of buying retro tech is pretty frightening," Cramer said. After all personal computers are supposed to be dead."

However, on Wall Street they say price is truth and from Cramer's vantage point he expects to see old tech stocks march higher. "What can I say? It seems like these stocks are about to work again."

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