ActiveCare Announces New Chief Technology Officer

SALT LAKE CITY, June 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ActiveCare, Inc. (OTCBB:ACAR), the service leader in disease and diabetes management, today announced Jonathan Olson as the Chief Technology Officer. Having served in key roles for Theradoc and Hospira, Olson brings extensive experience in the development and growth of unique and specialized service platforms in the healthcare industry. In addition to his technical experience, Olson has also been a contributing author in numerous peer-reviewed publications and holds two patents. "Jonathan is a proven technology leader. His innovation and vision will play a central role in the evolution of our technology and product platform," stated Michael Jones Chief Strategy Officer of ActiveCare.

Focused on the monitoring of chronic disease, ActiveCare recently launched the next generation of its web based solution for serving both patients and payers. Historically, disease management has been reactive, responding only when health issues resulted in hospitalizations or the magnitude of claims became noticeable. ActiveCare's unique approach gathers real-time biometric readings and associates them with claims data. Such a package of information is then routinely reported to the payers and their disease management partners. This methodology not only alerts disease management to patients with immediate health issues, but identifies those patients who fall into a high claims risk category before costly hospitalizations occur. This timely reporting allows for proactive care by disease managers preventing the costly medical claims that were the previous triggers to action. "The ActiveCare platform, with its real-time disease monitoring, has the potential to dramatically improve the health for millions of patients on a daily basis. This unique approach to some of the biggest problems that healthcare faces today promises to revolutionize the industry," stated Olson.

ActiveCare's technology and monitoring services are continuing to be refined and expanded to solve the demands of the healthcare industry. "Our solution brings real-time visibility to the management of diabetes and other chronic diseases. This visibility enables fundamental improvements in the treatment of diabetes and related diseases," concluded Jones.

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