Effectiveness of Natural Menopause Cures in Managing Osteoporosis During Menopause


Beverly Hills, CA, June 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Osteoporosis literally means porous bones. This potentially serious health condition weakens bones and increases the risk for sudden fractures, particularly in the spine or hips. Although the exact cause of osteoporosis is unclear, researchers have discovered a link between menopause and brittle bones. Natural menopause treatment products may be able to help restore the hormonal balance that can keep bones strong and healthy during menopause and beyond.

Women tend to build bone mass until their 30s. Around 35, their bones begin to break down faster than they are built, which can gradually deplete bone tissue. Bones become more porous and fragile. The lack of estrogen associated with menopause is closely linked to the onset of osteoporosis. Women who experience menopause before 45 or who experience infrequent or no menstrual periods are at the greatest risk of developing osteoporosis. Caucasian and Asian women, petite women, women with small frames and women with a family history of osteoporosis are also at an increased risk.

Menopause natural remedy products can help restore estrogen levels that can help protect against brittle or weakening bones. DON'T PAUSE is one natural menopause cure supplement that is designed to tackle multiple menopause symptoms that include not just osteopenia and osteoporosis but also hot flashes, irregular periods, headaches, joint pain, breast tenderness, dry skin, thinning hair, irritability and night sweats. It has pomegranate extract, green tea, black cohosh, soy isoflavones, DHEA and chromium picolinate to help women feel stronger, healthier and more vibrant and decrease their menopause symptoms.

Women can reduce their risk of thinning bones by eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. These two nutrients work together to help rebuild and strengthen bones. Aerobic exercise can keep women fit while yoga, stretching and similar exercises can help improve balance, which can reduce the risk of falls. Strength training can keep muscles and bones strong.

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and regular exercise, natural supplements can give a woman's body the edge it needs to perform optimally. The right product can give women significant natural menopause relief from her symptoms and boost her energy, mental clarity and health.

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