Fleckenstein: Easy Money Parade Is Not Going to End

A week before the Japanese market's peak, fund manager and noted Fed-watcher Bill Fleckenstein appeared on Talking Numbers and predicted Japanese markets were "on the verge of blowing up". He also warned about the Federal Reserve Bank running its money-printing press. He's back on Talking Numbers to give his take on what the Fed will do next.

As the world waits for the Fed's next move, Fleckenstein believes he has an idea. "People are understandably nervous if the easy money parade is going to end," says Fleckenstein. "It's not going to end."

Fleckenstein also believes one sector will disappoint the markets soon. "I think second quarter earnings, particularly for tech companies, will be rather poor," says Fleckenstein.

To hear the rest of Fleckenstein's gripping interview on quantitative easing, the Fed's targeted data, and whether the Fed will taper any time this year, watch the video above.

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