Cramer: Portfolio in Need of Restoration?

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Cramer has an idea for investors in search of a makeover.

He thinks Restoration Hardware has, perhaps, the best momentum in retail.

"This is really a remarkable company," Cramer said. "This is a company that has momentum like I wouldn't believe. Frankly, this is the best momentum of any retailer there is."

Cramer believes the bullish momentum is due, at least in part, to Restoration's ability to benefit from themes in the market.

That is, Cramer advocates identifying themes and then investing accordingly. And in the case of Restoration, Cramer says that the company benefits from the following: 1) a renaissance in housing that Cramer believes is just getting underway and 2) increased spending among wealthy consumers that Cramer thinks is a due to the advance in the stock market.

"Let me tell you about rich American consumers. Like I've said repeatedly, F. Scott Fitzgerald was right, the rich really are different, right now they are spending like everything is terrific," Cramer explained.

Therefore, he sees every reason for Restoration Hardware, which sells all kinds of luxe furniture and home accessories, to continue higher. "They've got the finest artists, the finest architects, and they've got the finest people, " Cramer said. That's a recipe for success.

Looking at the price action, Restoration Hardware came public in November at $24 and it's currently trading over $71 with year to date gains well over 100%.

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In circumstances such as these, Cramer usually advocates waiting for a pullback, however, when a stock has so much momentum, a pullback may not come.

"I know this stock has had a gigantic move," Cramer conceded, but given how it benefits from those two powerful themes outlined above, "I think it still has more room to run.

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