U.S. Security Associates' DOT Hazmat Course Safeguards People and Property

U.S. Security Associates Inc.

ATLANTA, June 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At U.S. Security Associates, security officer training goes beyond basic requirements to develop and uphold security solutions that cover a wide range of threats. U.S. Security Associates (USA) has made another move to stay current with the latest certifications. A new Security Academy course, DOT Hazmat (Hazardous Materials), offers security service employees a direct route to career success while ensuring compliance for valued clients. The DOT Hazmat course covers all federally mandated requirements specified by 49 CFR 172.704, laws protecting those who ship and handle dangerous goods. Security officers earn a DOT-recognized certification upon completion of the course, bringing an additional layer of credibility.

The course combines USA's award-winning training style while using official, DOT-approved supplementary tools. Programmed to be consistent with comprehensive OSHA-approved education on safety laws and material identification tools, the course is designed to build a solid foundation of certifiable knowledge through USA's proven training efficiency.

As one of USA's many web-based course options, the DOT Hazmat course is highly accessible to security officers from any Internet-connected computer. Two supporting course materials bolster the training with nationally-recognized information; the Emergency Response Guidebook contains applicable OSHA guidelines, and the Hazardous Materials Compliance Pocketbook is a tangible and convenient resource that security officers can use as an ongoing resource to refer back to at any time.

Not only does the DOT Hazmat course cover all legally mandated guidelines, it also offers students the specifics they need to pinpoint and mitigate potential threats. Relevant course topics include identification and differentiation among the nine hazmat classes, and applicable directives help officers to identify the labeling, marking, and placarding of each type of material. Step-by-step explanations teach the packaging, loading, and unloading requirements of the materials officers will handle. Through education on the effects and capabilities of each dangerous good, the course ensures that all security officers are aware and equipped to responsibly deliver and receive any material.

Because U.S. Security Associates is nationally known as a top security company, customers already trust USA's well-trained officers with personal security and asset protection. Now, the worrisome burdens of biohazards, toxic spills, and other forms of Hazmat-related damage can be taken off clients' shoulders. With the DOT Hazmat Course, U.S. Security Associates has found another route to offer all-inclusive contract security services upon which customers can depend.


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