Chiropractic Practice in Chesapeake Offers Nutrition Plans

CHESAPEAKE, Va., June 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Chesapeake chiropractor is helping his patients improve their health and wellness by making wiser dietary choices. Dr. Eric Santjer of Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation states that his clinic goes beyond spinal adjustment to help individuals optimize every aspect of their health through customized nutrition plans. "Because the body is a single integrated machine, poor nutrition can have a negative impact on everything from bone density to immune response," says Dr. Santjer. "Our nutritional guidance aims to help people get the vital nutrients they need to feel well and function properly for many years to come."

Chesapeake chiropractor Dr. Eric Santjer explains that a healthy diet consists of a variety of foods that offer plentiful vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, water, and a full complement of amino acids, the building blocks of cells, but adds that even this ideal mix can impair health if the proportions are out of balance. "For example, sodium is necessary for proper health, but too much sodium can contribute to hypertension," he says. "But without guidance it can be difficult to get the balance between all these nutrients just right."

Health problems may also be caused by excesses of caffeine, alcohol, saturated fats, processed sugars and starches. "Modern convenience foods are loaded with unhealthy additives, many of which are buried deep in the small print on the label," the chiropractor warns. He states that these imbalances can lead to fatigue, suppressed immune function and other negative outcomes -- including obesity, which has been associated with increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other serious complications. "By adopting a diet focused on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean meats, people stand a much better chance of losing weight or avoiding health problems," says Dr. Santjer.

The clinic's Chesapeake nutrition goals make allowances for each individual participant's health, lifestyle and any pre-existing conditions. For example, Dr. Santjer points out that specific foods may trigger allergic reactions or migraine headaches in one patient but not another. "If we suspect that a particular food is causing or worsening a health problem, we will devise that patient's nutrition plan to eliminate the cause," says the chiropractor.

Dr. Santjer adds that the reverse may also be true in that someone may experience a health problem due to a particular nutritional deficiency. "If we are treating a woman suffering from osteoporosis, for instance, we want to make sure the nutrition plan includes plenty of calcium, and we may also prescribe supplements if necessary," he says.

Not least among the practitioner's considerations is the patient's own taste in food. He goes on to add, "Patients won't embrace a permanent lifestyle change unless it's actually enjoyable, so we help them come up with delicious yet healthy menus."

In addition to nutritional counseling, Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation provides spinal adjustment, massage therapy, pregnancy care and physical therapy.

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