Boarding Through Veterinary Clinic in Highland Provides Peace of Mind for Pet Owners

HIGHLAND, Mich., June 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Carol Pajak from Roadside Veterinary Clinic in Highland, Michigan is fielding a lot of calls from pet owners about boarding this summer. The veterinarian says that more and more pet owners are opting for the security and peace of mind that they get when they board their pets with their family veterinarian. Dr. Pajak says, "Our animal hospital is particularly in demand right now because of the extra pet services they can provide during boarding stays." She says they can customize play plans for individual pets' needs and provide grooming services while pets stay at the vet clinic.

According to Dr. Pajak, boarding a pet with the veterinarian on site is easier on the pet and on the family. "Peace of mind is the real issue with the families we work with. Because our pet boarding facility is attached directly to our animal hospital, there is always someone knowledgeable here in the unlikely event something should go wrong. People who have to go out of town without their pets—particularly pets that have health conditions that require medications or frequent monitoring—feel much better that I or one of our experienced vet technicians are here to administer medications, special diets or other therapies while they are away. You can't always rely on having a friend or neighbor drop by occasionally to check on a pet and enjoy the same peace of mind that veterinary boarding provides."

The veterinarian says that their pet boarding services also go beyond what many other facilities are able to provide. High-energy, very social pets can spend the day with the doggie daycare group, while pets requiring more quiet time can have one-on-one cuddle time with the staff. She says pet owners can leave special toys, blankets, treats and food for their pet to make the transition easier. Grooming services are also available.

Dr. Pajak says veterinary boarding is the best way to help pets endure an extended absence from their family. "We know it's hard on pets to be away from home, so we go above and beyond to make them feel at home, feel safe and have fun. Most of our repeat boarders get really excited for return stays with us," she says.

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