Meridian Wellness Clinic Uses Laser Light to Help Patients Lose Weight

MERIDIAN, Idaho, June 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Meridian wellness clinic wants to raise awareness among local residents regarding an advanced, non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic is touting a technique known as "laser-like lipo," which utilizes precise frequencies of light to target individual areas of the body that carry excess fat. According to a statement on the clinic's website, this method, which goes by the brand name Lapex BCS LipoLaser, typically results in a loss of 3.5 to 7 pounds over the course of multiple sessions, with some patients losing up to 23 inches.

According to the wellness center, laser-like lipo relies on the ability to low-level or cold laser light to stimulate fat cells, stating, "Cold laser light penetrates the skin surface without burning it or causing any discomfort whatsoever. When it makes contact with fat cells, it stimulates them to release their fat stores into the bloodstream just as they normally do when the body requires extra energy. The body can then release or use the fats as needed, and the fat cells shrink, causing patients to lose pounds and inches wherever they deem it necessary."

The clinic's web page for Lapex BCS LipoLaser claims that over the course of nine laser-like lipo sessions, patients can expect to lose somewhere in the vicinity of 3 inches, even if they do not alter their lifestyles.

"Of course, if you do adopt healthier eating habits and take up an exercise program, you can lose weight even more readily through this technique," notes a clinic spokesperson. "Lifestyle changes in addition to laser-like lipo can result in losses of up to 7 inches. The most dramatic loss we have ever seen over nine sessions is 23 inches." The clinic offers measures to help support these lifestyle changes for patients who need or want that level of fat loss.

Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic claims that laser-like lipo has significant advantages over traditional liposuction, citing the non-invasive nature of the therapy and the ease of the procedure as two prominent benefits. According to the center, "Laser-like lipo involves no cutting or suctioning -- it is simply the application light at a precise frequency. The patient need do nothing at all except lie on the table and allow the session to proceed."

The clinic spokesperson adds that the ability to lose inches without exercise may be especially attractive for individuals suffering from physical impairments or other obstacles that prohibit heavy activity. Additionally, the clinic points to the fact that laser-like lipo allows patients to address a specific part of the body in need of slimming, whereas special diets and exercise programs typically cause whole-body weight loss.

In addition to laser-like lipo, Healthy Habits Wellness Clinic offers nutritional counseling, botox treatments, bio-identical hormone therapy, fat-burning injections, dermabrasion and other health/wellness services to Meridian patients.

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