Balboa Veterinarians Urge Pet Owners to Stop Pet Skin Disorder Neglect

SAN DIEGO, June 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Balboa veterinarians Dr. Juan Pablo Romero and Dr. Miranda Alexander know all too well that many pet owners become so accustomed to their pet's scratching habits that, over time, they do not notice it at all. Yes, it is true that some pet's scratching tendencies are harmless grooming techniques that the pets use to clean their nails and coat. However, most often, excessive scratching is a symptom of a potentially serious underlying medical condition that warrants immediate veterinary services to correct. Therefore, the Balboa veterinarians are urging area pet owners to take notice of their pet's scratching over bald spots, lumps and red, inflamed skin patches, and bring their pets to receive the necessary veterinary services that can ultimately save their health, their sanity, and their lives.

Many skin conditions that initiate constant scratching are caused by allergic reactions from pet shampoos, household cleaning products, or fleas and mites that the pets pick up either indoors or outdoors. Generally speaking, these cases are easy for our Balboa veterinarians to treat once the offending substance or organism is removed. However, many, many more serious skin conditions exist that can only be uncovered and eradicated through pet dermatology services.

Pet dermatology services with Balboa Veterinary Hospital are specifically designed to detect external and internal irritants, illnesses, bacterial infections and viruses that cause excessive skin scratching in pets. First, the Balboa veterinarians examine the pet's skin, hair and nails to uncover symptoms of various skin disorders. Next, the veterinary services team performs skin biopsies and blood tests to accurately diagnose the pet's underlying condition that is causing the excessive scratching. Some common pet skin disorders include sarcopic mange, allergic dermatitis, yeast infections and ringworm. Additionally, the Balboa veterinarians are trained to uncover emotional distress that can also cause excessive scratching and skin licking.

The animal hospital was built upon the principles of all-inclusive pet health care. That means that not only do they pinpoint and treat your pet's illnesses, they also teach proper nutritional needs, lifestyle support and correct grooming techniques to employ to ensure pets healthy lives. The animal hospital also takes the time to get to know your pets as individuals so that they can more easily assess any health dangers present in their day-to-day lives, as well as be on the lookout for unexpected health hazards that might arise from time to time. Therefore, the veterinary services team trains each and every one of the employees at the animal hospital on proper pet handling, external disease identification and internal disease symptom recognition.

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