North Miami Beach Veterinarian Focuses on Better Nutrition to Help Stop Pet Obesity

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla., June 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arch Creek Animal Clinic in North Miami Beach, FL is educating pet owners about the dangers of pet obesity. According to North Miami Beach veterinarian Dr. Albert F. Williams III, pets that are overweight or obese are at increased risk for health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. Dr. Williams says overfeeding and poor pet nutrition are the two primary causes for this increase in pet obesity. To help pets shed the pounds, Dr. Williams is working to educate local pet owners about the importance of portion control, exercise and good nutrition.

With nearly half of all pets overweight or obese in the United States, North Miami Beach veterinarian Dr. Albert F. Williams III is fighting back against this epidemic.

"According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), the obesity rate for dogs and cats has soared in the last decade," said Dr. Williams. "Being overweight is just as bad for a pet as it is for a human. Unlike humans however, just a few extra pounds on a pet can make a major difference.

Dr. Williams, in conjunction with his veterinary team at Arch Creek Animal Clinic, is working to educate pet owners about the importance of good pet nutrition and portion control for combating pet obesity.

"Over-feeding is a leading cause for pet obesity," said Dr. Williams. "The portion size recommendations on a bag of pet food do not always match up with what a pet should actually be fed. Portions can vary for many reasons, including lifestyle. With most pets leading sedentary lives, overfeeding can quickly lead to weight gain and health problems."

For pets that are currently overweight or obese, the North Miami Beach veterinarian recommends pet nutrition counseling. This service can help owners learn which foods are best for their pets and better understand proper portion size.

"The average pet superstore sells a mind-boggling assortment of foods; it can be difficult for pet owners to know which food is the right choice for their pets," said Dr. Williams. "With our pet nutrition counseling services, we can better identify a pet's specific nutrient needs based on breed and lifestyle. We work closely with pet owners to educate them about the best food options for their pets."

Dr. Williams generally recommends dry food for dogs and cats, because it is believed to aid in reduction of plaque.

As pets age, Dr. Williams says that their nutritional needs may change. The vet recommends yearly nutrition check-ups in conjunction with a pet's regular wellness exam.

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