Los Angeles Security Guard Service Announces New Website

LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Omega Security Services Inc. in Northridge, CA has launched a new website dedicated to security guard service. The Los Angeles security firm has been providing security services for more than 28 years for a wide variety of businesses and professional clients. The firm's security service includes: unarmed security, VIP protection and on location security for large corporate events and movie sets. The new website includes information on these different services. The security firm's blog shares tips for enhancing personal and professional security.

Los Angeles businesses that are searching for more information on private security can now visit the new website for Omega Security Services, http://omegasecuritycorp.com/. The newly launched website includes information on the company's wide range of services and rates for uniformed guards, plain clothed guards and on location security.

"Our new website is the perfect complement to our security services," said Omega Security Services, Inc. "The new site includes detailed information on our different services, ranging from private event security and on location security to VIP bodyguard protection and gated community security."

With more than 28 years of experience, the Los Angeles security company prides itself on balancing client protection with customer services.

"We understand the inherent challenges in securing private events such as VIP weddings, parties, and premieres," said Omega Security. "Our new website includes information on our rigorous training process for security guards, so prospective clients can better understand what sets our security team apart from other companies."

Omega Security Services focuses on tactical training as well as customer-service oriented work. Officers are trained to be unobtrusive while still providing a high level of personalized attention for every client, no matter how complex a security situation may be. Prospective clients can learn more about this training process under the "Services" section of Omega Security's new website.

The "Services" portion of the website also includes information on how security guards are trained to uphold a company image and brand by becoming ambassadors for the businesses that they protect.

"Los Angeles businesses, movie studios and event coordinators choose our company because of our outstanding commitment to excellence in personal security," said Omega Security Services. "This commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do, including our new website, which explains how our team is not only trained to protect, but also to enhance the image of our clients. Our on location security team is big enough to serve and small enough to listen."

Prospective clients who visit the new website can find information on the Los Angeles security firm's different services, rates and training policies. The website's blog also includes valuable tips for improving on-location and at-home security.

The Los Angeles security guard service is also offering a complimentary on-site security evaluation worth $395; prospective clients may learn more about this offer by visiting http://omegasecuritycorp.com/.

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