Animal Hospital in Palm Harbor Makes Felines Feel at Home With Cattery

PALM HARBOR, Fla., June 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Animal & Bird Medical Center is educating pet owners about the importance of cat boarding at a feline-only facility. According to veterinarian Dr. Joel Murphy, cats can become anxious, nervous and upset when they encounter dogs while in boarding. A cattery prevents these problems by providing cats a calm, relaxing environment away from barking and loud noises. Animal & Bird Medical Center is one of the only Palm Harbor animal hospitals to offer feline-only boarding, as well as a special focus on cat wellness care.

With the busy summer travel season already under way, Palm Harbor veterinarian Dr. Joel Murphy is educating cat owners about the benefits of cat-only boarding. According to Dr. Murphy, cats can experience anxiety and distress when left home alone. This distress can intensify if cats are boarded at the same animal hospital as dogs.

"While cats are independent creatures, prolonged absences or a sudden change in circumstance can be incredibly distressing," said Dr. Murphy. "Leaving a cat home alone for an extended period is never a good idea. However, boarding a cat at the same facility as other dogs can be just as upsetting and difficult for the cat. Feline-only boarding is the best choice for cat wellness care."

Dr. Murphy also warned that because cats are naturally curious, when left home alone they may eat a poisonous houseplant, attempt to escape, or otherwise put their lives in danger. If a neighbor is only checking in on a cat once per day, it could be hours before a cat receives critical veterinary care.

"When cats are boarded at an animal hospital, they are under close supervision and care," said Dr. Murphy. "Pet owners can relax and enjoy their summer vacations – rather than worrying about their cats' well-being."

Cat boarding at a cattery offers the traditional benefits of pet boarding at an animal hospital without the downsides of sharing space with dogs.

"Our Palm Harbor pet bed and breakfast is located away from any barking and loud noises," said Dr. Murphy. "Cats relax and feel comfortable in this safe, secure environment. Without the stress of dogs, cats can truly enjoy their home-away-from-home."

Cats at the Palm Harbor pet bed and breakfast are still in close proximity to their primary veterinary care team. Should an unexpected health emergency occur, veterinarians can quickly access the cat's medical records for prompt care.

Dr. Murphy also stressed the importance of selecting a veterinarian with significant feline care experience.

"Cats are notorious for hiding the symptoms of illness," said Dr. Murphy. "Consequently, many serious health conditions are not diagnosed until the final stages. That's why I recommend pet owners choose an animal hospital with an experienced feline vet team, who can provide proactive, preventative care."

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