Blue Water Announces Strategic Alliance Agreement

CANTON, Georgia, June 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Water Restaurant Group, Inc. (OTCBB:BUWR) announces that it has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Taurus Financial Partners, LLC ( Through this Strategic Alliance Blue Water has been granted the exclusive right to participate in Taurus Financial's future Registered Spin-Off transactions.

In a typical transaction, Blue Water will acquire a significant block of stock in an operating business that is in the process of "going public" on the OTCBB. Once these shares have been registered with the SEC, Blue Water will "spin-off" a percentage of them to its stockholders in the form of a special stock dividend. Blue Water anticipates participating in one to three of these transactions every year. Through this Strategic Alliance Blue Water expects to enhance its balance sheet this year and to realize profits in 2014.

J. Scott Sitra stated, "This is a win-win situation for everyone. As a result of this Strategic Alliance, Blue Water anticipates being able to accelerate its growth plans while putting new assets on the balance sheet and generating new sources of income through future stock sales. Further, we will be able to reward our long-term stockholders from time-to-time with special stock dividends."

Taurus Financial is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in assisting small businesses with matters involving the OTCBB, including going public transactions, EDGAR filing support, and general business development services.

Blue Water Restaurant Group, Inc. is a publicly held developer of casual dining restaurant properties. Blue Water is currently developing a chain of casual dining restaurants in popular tourist destinations throughout the Caribbean under the Blue Water Bar & Grill™ brand. Additionally, Blue Water is also engaged in making strategic equity investments in promising businesses that are in the early stages of obtaining their own listing on the OTCBB.

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