Prophecy Healthcare Develops Mother-Baby RN Competency Exams Following Couplet Care Trend

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GREENSBORO, N.C., June 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prophecy Healthcare® launched two new validated Mother/Baby RN clinical competency exams and a Mother/Baby RN Skills Checklist used to determine competency of nurses being considered for positions in facilities offering couplet or dyad care. With literature supporting higher patient satisfaction ratings when the couplet care model is followed, the majority of the nation's leading hospitals are in need of an evaluation tool covering both postpartum and newborn nursery clinical constructs.

In a couplet care setting, nurses provide direct and individualized care to new mothers, as well as their newborns. The RN's responsibilities also include educating and assisting new mothers with physical and emotional needs during the postpartum period while in the hospital. Providing the appropriate level of care for both patients requires an extensive set of knowledge, specific to the needs in the early post partum period.

Using a clinician's results from Prophecy's new Mother/Baby competency exam, facilities can isolate any gaps in knowledge in the following categories:

  • Newborn Assessment & Management
  • Maternal Assessment & Management
  • Mother Baby Pharmacology
  • Mother Baby Education
  • Professional Practice
  • General Knowledge

When assessing for job knowledges, to be legally compliant, employers must use pre-employment selection tools (e.g. competency assessments) validated under the Federal Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures (1978). Prophecy's Mother Baby RN assessments meet all validity requirements under Department of Labor guidelines. Validation partner for the development of the assessments included a panel of experts from a large hospital system in Texas. The subject matter experts were RNs with a combined level of over 90 years experience in the Mother Baby arena. A thorough job analysis identified critical job duties, important knowledge, skills, and abilities of the position.

With organizations like the American Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American College of Gynecologists (ACOG) supporting adoption of the couplet care model the demand for a reliable tool assessing both mother and baby nursing requirements is on the rise. Prophecy is positioned to assist facilities in selecting top nursing candidates to provide optimal interactions between mother and baby leading to high patient satisfaction.

About Prophecy Healthcare® - Originally founded in 2004 as, Prophecy Healthcare got its start as the first online Pre-Employment Testing Company exclusive to the Healthcare Industry. Initially focusing solely on clinical assessments measuring clinical competencies, efforts to exceed industry expectations led to isolating critical competencies missed in traditional testing initiatives, such as stress tolerance, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. The Prophecy approach offers the ability to find candidates with the clinical hard skills, personality attributes, and desired soft skills to match each organization. For more information about Prophecy, visit or call 336.802.1070.

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