Cramer: Company with Good Chemistry

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Sometimes a company's fortunes lie squarely with the person in the corner office.

And in the case of DuPont, Cramer thinks that's a great thing.

"Ever since Dupont's current CEO, Ellen Kullman, took over at the beginning of 2009, she's been trying to transform the business from a conventional commodity chemical company into an unconventional, dynamic scientific problem solver focused on developing proprietary products for major secular themes," Cramer said.

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Founded over 200 years ago by E.I. DuPont as a maker of gun powder, DuPont is larger and more wide ranging today than its namesake founder could have ever imagined. In 2013, the company employed enough people to fill a small city.

At the core of the many units of this massive business, is DuPont commitment to solving global issues including: feeding the world, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and protecting both people and the environment.

"DuPont's perhaps the single most innovative company I know of," Cramer said of the company in 2012. "The corporate culture is all about using science to tackle some of the toughest challenges out there and transform society."

And that, Cramer believes, makes DuPont one of the oldest growth stories in the nation.

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"Now, Dupont's gotten hit lately along with the rest of the market, and it didn't help that management just lowered its second quarter guidance a little less than two weeks ago, but I like where this company is headed," Cramer said. "And you know where I stand on the stock's potential. My trust owns it," he said.

Disclosure: On Tuesday June 25th Jim Cramer owned shares of DuPont on behalf of his charitable trust.

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