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Duluth, GA, June 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telchemy announced the introduction of SQprobe 3.0, a highly scalable Voice over IP software probe targeted at Service Provider and Enterprise telecom services. This high performance passive monitoring application has been designed to take full advantage of many-core systems and is designed to analyze in excess of ten million packets per second of traffic, or 100,000 concurrent VoIP calls, while retaining a small processing time and memory footprint for small form factor and embedded applications requiring capacities of a few thousand packets per second. SQprobe sets a new standard within the industry for both extreme scalability and extreme performance.

SQprobe is targeted at both embedded and dedicated applications. As an embedded probe, SQprobe can be deployed as a VM image or as a native Linux application running within a router, CPE device or data center system. As a dedicated probe, SQprobe can be purchased pre-installed on a hardware appliance or purchased as software to install on an existing server platform. SQprobe is able to analyze traffic carried over IPv4 and IPv6, supports up to three levels of stacked VLAN and is capable of analyzing encrypted VoIP streams carried over Secure RTP.

SQprobe analyzes every call attempt and reports on both successful and failed calls. For successful calls, SQprobe reports a wide range of performance metrics including MOS scores for voice and video, IP performance metrics and signaling performance and call flow. For failed calls, SQprobe detects and reports the reason for the failure and provides essential diagnostic data. SQprobe analyzes media streams using Telchemy's advanced VQmon technology, which provides more accurate and stable call quality metrics using a unique perceptual analysis algorithm that models the effect of time-varying impairments on user-perceived quality.

SQprobe sends its reports to Telchemy's SQmediator performance management application using the AMF (Agent Management Framework) encrypted protocol, ensuring that data is reliably delivered and secure. The combination of SQprobe and SQmediator provides a powerful service quality monitoring system for mid to large scale Service Provider, Enterprise and Government networks, able to monitor large volumes of traffic while providing rapid detection and fast drill down for problem diagnosis.

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