Tristan Leostar Films Files Lawsuit in Superior Court of California Against Syncom (Syndicated Communications Venture Partners v), Max360 Entertainment, Maya Pictures, Maya Entertainment Group, and Maya Releasing

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Los Angeles, CA, June 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Independent production company Tristan Leostar Films, Inc. has filed a lawsuit in Superior Court of the state of California against Syndicated Communications Venture Partners, V (Syncom), Max360 Entertainment, Maya Entertainment Group, Maya Releasing, and Maya Pictures in a dispute over the distribution of its films. Tristan Leostar and Maya entered into distribution agreements for the films, and charges that Maya breached its contractual obligations by failing to pay Tristan Leostar its profits, failing to provide distribution participation statements, failing to maintain accurate books and records with respect to all sales or licenses of the films, failing to sign a distribution assumption agreement with SAG, and preventing Tristan Leostar from conducting a review and audit. Tristan Leostar also alleges that Maya made a general assignment to Max360 Entertainment for the benefit of their creditors. Tristan Leostar contends that Max 360 Entertainment is a shell corporation created and formed by Syncom for the purpose of distributing the films without imposing any obligation on Syncom or Max 360 to pay all sums due and owing to Tristan Leostar. Tristan Leostar further claims that Max 360 has no employees but instead retains "consultants" to conduct its business, many of whom are employees, principles, shareholders, officers and or directors of Syncom.

Tristan Leostar has demanded that Syncom and Max360 Entertainment acknowledge termination of the agreements, that they cease and desist further exploitation of the films, and that they return all materials related to the movies. It also demands that the parties provide an accurate and complete accounting and payment of all monies owed to Tristan Leostar under the agreements. Tristan Leostar is demanding copies of any sub-distribution contracts that are currently in effect worldwide.

Tristan Leostar Films is represented by Martin Barab, Esq. and Kenneth Hearn Esq. of Hamrick and Evans, LLP, 111 Universal Hollywood Drive, Suite 2200, Universal City, California 91608.

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Tristan Leostar Films is a motion picture production company specializing in development and production of feature films. The company goal is to work in association with the best independent filmmakers and producers.

The company also specializes in the acquisition and licensing of independent fare to domestic and global markets. The company is a vertically integrated entertainment company that produces, licenses, and markets all forms of entertainment and their related business platforms. Tristan Leostar Films has a commercial slate with over 10 feature film and TV projects.

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