Job Surveys: A Duel Over Love or Hate ... Not

Do you like your job? There's been some conflicted views about it lately.

You see, Gallup recently came out with its "State of the American Workplace" report saying that only 30 percent of workers were engaged and satisfied with their jobs. More than half were feeling so-so and 18 percent were downright discontented.

But then we at CNBC just came out with our All-America survey showing that about 85 percent of Americans are pretty satisfied with their jobs.

At first blush it seems the statisticians (and our corresponding headlines) have totally opposite results, no?

Until you read the fine print (which people often don't, especially on the Internet). The Gallup survey, where the majority of workers are feeling blue, is based on 2012 interviews. The CNBC survey was conducted in June 2013. Hey, wasn't everyone feeling down in 2012. And haven't things been turning up a bit this year?

The two surveys, taken together, seem to confirm some sort of turnaround in attitude is under way. Which, frankly, is a lot better than thinking two headlines conflict and surveys never get it right.

—Allen Wastler is managing editor of Follow him @AWastler