Court Confirms That Alternative May Continue to Service Its Epicor-Licensed Customers

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ALISO VIEJO, Calif., June 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alternative Technology Solutions Inc. today announced that it has reached agreement with Epicor Software Corporation on an Order, which allows Alternative to continue to service its current and future customers. The Order permits Alternative to continue to provide implementation, customization and consulting services to their customers in the manner used before the litigation under the terms of a client's valid Epicor end user license agreement.

Vivian Keena, President & Chief Executive Officer of Alternative commented on the agreement, "Drawing a line under the lawsuit filed by Epicor is important for a number of reasons: for Alternative it is important that our integrity, our ability to service our customers and our ability to continue to operate viably have all been addressed favorably as a result of this agreement. The stipulated injunction provides no finding of wrongdoing nor admission of any wrongdoing by Alternative and it expressly permits Alternative to continue to service our customers and prospective customers as we have, which will allow us to continue the same level of quality and responsiveness as we had previously delivered. In addition, we are also able to continue to engage with customers at User Groups and in other environments."

Keena continues, "While we have the means and the willingness to oppose the injunction vigorously, we have reached this agreement so that we could continue to service our customers and reduce concerns that the litigation would further interfere with our relationships with our customers. Our philosophy has always been one of collaboration with Epicor in the belief that our ability to drive greater value to a customer is mutually beneficial for both Alternative and Epicor. As such, we felt it prudent to bring what we could to a timely conclusion and without detriment to Alternative's business so that we may continue to service our customers without further ambiguity, confusion or interruption. Alternative and Epicor would better serve their mutual customers by working together. Alternative remains willing to work with Epicor to resolve this lawsuit."

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