Ease Into Summer With Stress Relief Tips From Elements Therapeutic Massage

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo., June 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Summer offers opportunities to relax and unwind from everyday stresses. But increased physical activities such as travel, golf, gardening and more can also take a toll on the body.

"In addition to eating well and staying hydrated, simple self-massage techniques can go a long way to decreasing stress on the body caused by popular summer activities," says Michele Merhib, licensed massage therapist and founder of Elements Therapeutic Massage. "Whether you visit a professional massage therapist or use DIY techniques, regular massage helps with pain relief and restores balance to the body."

To help consumers increase their overall health and wellness, Merhib elaborates on four summer activities that can cause stress on certain areas of the body and corresponding self-massage techniques to help ease muscle tension:

  • Summer Activity: TRAVELING
  • Tension Area: Shoulders/Neck
  • DIY Massage: Reach across with your right hand, resting the palm on top of the left shoulder (with fingers on your back) and with the knuckle of your thumb pressing against neck muscles. Slowly rotate your head and neck, pressing neck muscles against thumb knuckle. Keeping hand in same place, press into your back muscle (between your shoulder blade and spine) with fingertips and rotate your left shoulder blade.
  • Summer Activity: GOLFING
  • Tension Area: Feet
  • DIY Massage: With your shoes off, start with a golf ball on the ground while seated on the golf cart or standing. Roll your right foot forward and backward slowly on the ball; apply enough pressure to feel a pulling but not enough that you are in too much pain; then roll your foot side to side. Next place your heel on the ball to make circular motions; finally cross your leg over the left ankle and take the ball and roll it up and down the arch of your foot; repeat with the left foot.
  • Summer Activity: GARDENING
  • Tension Area: Lower Back
  • DIY Massage: Place a tennis ball between your lower back and the wall. Find the right spot for the ball, and rock your body in a tiny motion - up and down or left and right - to work out knots and tightness in your back.
  • Summer Activity: SUNBATHING
  • Tension Area: Head
  • DIY Massage: Start by placing your thumbs on your cheekbones close to your ears, and use your fingertips to gently apply pressure and rub the temples (the soft spot between the corner of your eye and your ear). Using very firm pressure and a tiny circular motion, gradually move your fingers up along your hairline until they meet in the middle of your forehead, massaging your entire forehead and scalp as you inch along. And remember to drink plenty of water!

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