Urogynecologist Applauds Texas Senator for 'Exemplary Control'

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DENVER, June 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Texas Sen. Wendy Davis has a "bladder of steel," says University of Colorado Urogynecologist Dr. Tyler Muffly, in reaction to her nearly 11-hour filibuster aimed at blocking passage of a divisive state bill.

"Considering the fact that she is a mother of two and likely nearing menopause, the cards are stacked against her to last that long without fleeing toward the chamber doors," says Muffly.

In a recent Q&A, Dr. Muffly discussed peeing, its role in filibustering and offered advice for politicians looking to avoid the porcelain for extended periods of time.

"An average sized woman, such as senator Davis, can create enough urine to fill a Coke can in 10 hours," says Muffly. "This might not sound like a lot, but that amount can be doubled or tripled based on consistent caffeinated or carbonated fluid intake."

Dr. Muffly said that while notable physiological differences between women and men exist, preparing one's bladder for a filibuster takes diligence.

"Behavioral modification, muscle strengthening, bladder training and even medication can all greatly increase an individual's bladder control," says Muffly. "While Davis' oration was cut short by a senate procedural ruling, one thing that she didn't let stand in her way was an overactive bladder."

For many Americans, that brings up the question, is filibustering really just a peeing contest? Dr. Muffly addresses that question and others in his online review of great moments in political urination.

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