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In his never-ending quest to make you money, Jim Cramer will often to talk with top business leaders, hoping to glean insights that can ultimately help determine where stocks may be heading next.

As part of his 'Invest in America' special series, Cramer sat down with 5 top CEOs and spoke with them candidly about the state of business, the health of the economy and challenges their firms may be facing.

Following are Cramer's biggest takeaways:

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After his one on one conversation with DuPont Chairman & CEO Ellen Kullman, Cramer said he was impressed with Kullman's vision for the future.

Although the company was founded over 200 years ago by E.I. DuPont as a maker of gun powder, Cramer said the company is anything but your grandfather's DuPont. "It's become the single most innovative company I know of. The corporate culture is all about using science to tackle some of the toughest challenges out there and transform society."

The Mad Money host often says confidence in a company's leadership is a key metric to consider when buying a stock. And in the case of DuPont, Cramer has already pulled the trigger. "My charitable trust owns Dupont. I feel that Kullman's an effective steward for an undervalued enterprise."


Talking with Boeing Chairman & CEO Jim McNerney, Cramer said the company's new 787 should drive profits for some time to come. "Unless you've already placed your order, you can't get a 787 until 2019," Cramer said.

Despite initial woes, McNerney assured Cramer that all issues had been resolved without impairing the full promise of the new planes.

Going forward he said the opportunity lies in taking the 787 technology and leveraging it elsewhere. "We're now in a position where we can harvest the 787 technology and spread it across our entire Boeing fleet," McNerney said.

Although Cramer's trust sold out of its position in this stock, after the interview Cramer said he probably sold too soon. "I think Boeing's headed to $120 before it takes a breath."

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After his conversation with Macy's Chairman and CEO Terry Lundgren, Cramer became focused on Macy's sales strategy which he found extremely intriguing. At a time when almost every other national retailer is trying to make their stores exactly the same, Macy's is making them different in an attempt to tailor the shopping experience and give it local appeal.

"Also Macy's has embraced the internet and plans to implement new methods so it can teach associates to better connect with customers," Cramer said.

Cramer likes the plan. "It makes me want to be long Macy's," he said .


Cramer's biggest takeaway after speaking with Ford CEO Alan Mulally is that the company's turnaround has worked.

"Ford's new cars have terrific gas mileage, the trucks are selling better than any time since 2006 and Ford is adding workers," Cramer said.

Cramer has been a fan of this company for quite some time and owns the stock on behalf of his charitable trust. "I expect the stock goes higher," he said.


Following his conversation with Starbucks Chairman & CEO Howard Schultz, Cramer said, "I'm kicking myself for selling Starbucks on behalf of my charitable trust earlier this year."

Although Starbucks has been public for 20 years Cramer believes it's in the early stages of tremendous growth.

"You'd think after a generation as a public company, it's a little absurd that Starbucks would still be considered in the early innings of its growth, but I think it is. Schultz sees his company not as a coffee roaster but as a multi-headed beverage behemoth, one part coffee, one part juice, one part tea, and one part food," Cramer said.

"And he intends to make Starbucks as popular in China as it is here in the US. I bet that happens much sooner than the Street expects. If this stock pulls back in the next couple of weeks, my charitable trust will take a bite of it for certain," Cramer said.

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