Pros' 2013 Second-Half Playbooks

Asked to choose investments for the second half of 2013, the CNBC "Fast Money" traders offered a diversity of plays.

Forced to pick between Apple, gold and home builders, StockMonster's Guy Adami said that trading Apple was the best bet.

"It had a real shot for an outside day today. It didn't," he said Friday. "but I thought technically for the first time if a while, did what it needed to do."

Adami's top pick, however, would be volatility.

"The S&P should rally back to 1,620," he added. "If you look yesterday, I believe the high yesterday was 1,669-ish, so it got exactly where it needed to. I think there's a chance it failed there. I don't put a lot of merit there, but I do think volatility is going to reign today in the second half."

Brian Kelly of Brian Kelly Capital said his top pick of the three losing plays so far would be gold.

"Well, it's supply and demand, but demand is a function of sentiment out there, and I think sentiment has really gotten overdone here," he said.

Gold miners also held some appeal.

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"They absolutely ripped over the last couple days," Kelly said. "You'll probably start seeing some of these gold miners maybe take some of the supply off the market, so that's obviously positive for supply-side story of gold."

To Kelly, it was time to start buying gold.

He also liked bonds and silver.

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"Most importantly here, you want to watch bond yields," he said. "And as we go forward and gold and silver plays into this, probably going to be looking to short TLT, buy TBT. I think this trade is broken, and I think over the next six months, you're going to see some real pain in there."

Tim Seymour of EmergingMoney.com also liked the miners.

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"But it's not everybody," he added. "You have to pick the guys that are not in danger of a balance sheet erosion, guys like Newmont, who traded one times book, traded two and a half times book before the Fed started easing.

"Pre-QE, this was a much more expensive company."

Seymour said that he expected emerging markets, which have been oversold, to rally.

Meanwhile, he held Deutsche Bank as his largest short, and he didn't much care for the Australian dollar or the Canadian dollar.

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso preferred an exchange-traded fund.

"The way I play it is GDX," he said. "I get to play best of both worlds here."

Among the three first half losers, Grasso liked Apple.

"Right now, Apple is so consensusly out of favor, but they still dominate so much," he said. "You got to figure this thing is going to bounce back on a technical basis."

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Grasso said that the stock needed to flirt with $390.

"It did, we start to rally our way back up to the 450 range," he added.