Richmond Acupuncture Provides Tangible Pain Relief Results

RICHMOND, Va., June 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Douglas Ambrose of Ambrose Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic in Richmond says his patients describe impressive pain relief benefits from the ancient Chinese healing modality of acupuncture. The chiropractor recommends it for everything from back pain, neck pain and headaches, to fatigue and several other conditions. Dr. Ambrose says most of his patients describe a sense of relaxation during the treatment and that the needles are so fine that they do not hurt when the acupuncturist inserts them. He adds that while acupuncture is an ancient practice, a growing library of modern scientific evidence supports its effectiveness.

Dr. Ambrose says acupuncture can be even more effective than pain medications. "Acupuncture has lasted as a healing treatment for at least 2000 years because it really does stimulate internal healing mechanisms in the nervous system, releases endorphins, and changes the way the brain perceives pain. It's exciting that modern science is finally catching up to what patients of acupuncture have known for a long time." He adds that unlike drug-based therapies that are designed to mask or cover up symptoms of pain, acupuncture actually corrects the causes of the pain for deeper relief.

According to Dr. Ambrose, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains acupuncture in terms of bringing the body's systems into harmony and balance. He says that the specific acupuncture points on the body correspond to energy channels called "meridians." When a meridian is blocked, the body's life energy (Qi) backs up in some areas and dries up in other areas, causing imbalance that prevent the body's organs from working harmoniously. Dr. Ambrose says all kinds of things can lead to imbalance: not getting proper sleep, a poor diet, excessive stress, injuries, emotional problems, etc. By inserting the needles into the correct points, he says, blocked meridians are cleared and energy flows correctly again, leading to relief from symptoms caused by the imbalance.

Dr. Ambrose explains that because acupuncture is meant to resolve the deeper, internal causes of pain, it usually takes several sessions for complete healing, but that his patients are enthusiastic about the results they are getting. People who had struggled to find relief through conventional medical treatments have reported that acupuncture has helped them overcome several types of musculoskeletal pain, headaches, stress, and many other ailments. The majority of patients also say that the needles do not hurt when they go in. According to Dr. Ambrose, the needles are made of hair-thin, sterile, medical-grade stainless steel. He says his Ambrose Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic patients report feeling extremely relaxed during acupuncture.

Dr. Ambrose urges, "Acupuncture is an excellent natural healing solution; our patients are the proof!"

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