Security Benefit Launches Powerful Advisor App for Sustainable Retirement Income Strategies

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TOPEKA, Kan., July 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Security Benefit, a leading provider of retirement savings and income vehicles, announced the introduction of its "Retirement Income Optimization" modeling tool for iPads. The new application gives financial advisors on-the-go access to the powerful, easy-to-use retirement income modeling tool found on Security Benefit's "Retirement Income Challenge" website at

"This application is designed for advisors who are seeking smarter, more effective strategies for generating reliable income streams in retirement," said Doug Wolff, Security Benefit Life Insurance Company's President. "It translates extensive research on the effectiveness of various retirement income portfolio strategies into a modeling tool that reveals probability of success for a given allocation in four simple steps."

The app is the latest feature in Security Benefit's "Failure Is Not an Option" campaign, which addresses the urgent need of America's pre- and post-retirees to find viable solutions for generating sustainable retirement income at less cost and with less market risk. Central to the campaign is research conducted by a leading independent actuarial and consulting firm. The study analyzed the likelihood of sustaining a lifetime income that increases annually for inflation using a mutual fund spend down strategy and then combining that strategy with a Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit on either a variable annuity or a fixed indexed annuity.

"With this interactive income optimization app, we put the full study results at the advisor's disposal, anytime and anywhere," said Wolff. "Advisors can easily choose different product mixes and instantly display a full-color graph showing how the resulting portfolio compares to the efficient frontier defined by average assets at death and probability of success."

Other features of the "Failure Is Not an Option" campaign include papers, research reports and the previously mentioned "Retirement Income Challenge" website.

"We are committed to bringing fresh ideas and information like the 'Retirement Income Challenge' program, as well as innovative products, to financial advisors who focus on retirement planning," said Wolff. "And with Guggenheim Investments' superior general account management capabilities, we are uniquely well positioned to do so."

Advisors can download the Retirement Income Optimization app from the Apple App Store.

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