Consumer Reviews Site Announces Affiliate Capital One 360 Checking Account Bonus

Miami, fl, July 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There has never been a better time for shoppers to open a fee-free 360 Checking account from Capitol One. When new customers open their first 360 account, they will receive an account opening bonus of one hundred dollars that they are free to spend any way they wish. In order to qualify for the bonus, the account must be opened with a deposit of at least five hundred dollars and n the first 45 days there must be either a total of five 360 Checking debit card purchases, five CheckMate deposits or any combination of purchases and deposits that total five.

A bank that has one of the most widely recognized brand names in the United States, Capital One offers a variety of financial services and products to individuals, small businesses, and commercial clients. A Captial One 360 Checking account gives people the ability to bank wherever they go as long as they have access to the Internet or a mobile device.

"With the ease of use and the absence of fees that other banks charge, opening a 360 fee-free checking account from Capitol One has always been a smart decision," commented an Todd Maxwell of MyReviewsNow. "However, if you have been delaying opening your own account, now is the perfect time. It's an easy way to get some free spending money for the summer. All you need to do is open your account, make your five transactions, and get your free hundred dollars!"

People who are ready to open their 360 Checking account can do so when they visit's Business & Employment Portal. In addition to opening a fee-free checking account, people can read the shopping blog and take advantage of the friendly shopping community at Once there they will be able to submit their own reviews, or read reviews left by other shoppers about their personal experiences with products and stores.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Todd Maxwell at info(at)myreviewsnow(dot)net. Press release issued by


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