Tune in to Genesis Global Radio This Week to Hear Guests Renee Marie Smith, Esq., Laurel Ann Browne, Tammie Hall, Dr. Virginia Gordon, Laura McGee, Dr. Jay Slosar and Kim Berg

NEW YORK, NY, July 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This week, tune in to hear our guests share their expertise on short sale negotiations, spiritual counseling, healing through God, hypnosis, divorce coaching, the culture of excess, the re-birth of feminism, and so much more! Show times are as follows:

Monday, July 1st:

Renee Marie Smith, Esq. from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Tuesday, July 2nd:

Laurel Ann Browne from 6:00pm PST - 6:30pm PST

Tammie Hall from 6:30pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Wednesday, July 3rd:

Virginia Gordon from 6:00pm PST - 6:30pm PST

Laura McGee, Esq. from 6:30pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Thursday, July 4th:

Dr. Jay Slosar from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Friday, July 5th:

Kim Berg from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

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Real Estate attorney and short sale expert Renee Marie Smith empowers homeowners and real estate professionals alike

Financial recovery is just a short sale away! Renee Marie Smith, Esq., owner of Smith & Associates Title Services and author of the My Short Sale Guru'sbook series has helped liberate thousands of homeowners across the country from their financial burden with her expertise in short sale negotiations. Driven by an ambitious goal of counseling 1 million short sale participants, Ms. Smith is determined to educate homeowners and real estate professionals alike on the advantages of short sale litigation. Her success in negotiating short sales has led to her appearance as host on Fox29 TV's Short Sale Guru Show in 2012 and the accreditation of her Advanced Short Sale Training courses, which are available to real estate professionals in both Florida and Nevada. Ms. Smith has been invited to speak at real estate conventions around the country as a short sale motivational speaker and has made radio appearances on Las Vegas KLAV 1230AM Radio's 4-part short sale seminar. Her acclaimed book series, which includes My Short Sale Guru's Guide to Healing and Financial Recovery for Discouraged Homeownersand My Short Sale Guru's Guide: For Real Estate Professionals to Empower and Invigorate Sales, have helped countless homeowners and real estate professionals successfully navigate the choppy waters of short sale negotiations. Ms. Smith also writes advice columns, and her work has been published nationally by numerous magazines and blogs including NAWRB's "N", Palm Beach Woman, and the Women's Council of Realtors PB quarterly. What's more, Ms. Smith is the recipient of the 2012 NAWRB Roaring Twenty Award for Business Development and her LinkedIn profile was rated among the top 5% for most viewed in 2012. Motivated by personal experience and honest values, Renee Marie Smith, Esq. has carved her place in the real estate industry as a short sale guru, and her guidance continues to give hope to struggling homeowners in these uncertain times, while providing the tools for real estate professionals to successfully guide their clients to financial freedom.

As a motivational speaker, Renee Marie Smith, Esq. has educated and inspired countless homeowners and real estate professionals to utilize the short sale as a path to financial freedom! To book Ms. Smith as a lecturer at your event, please contact her at by email at renee@smithtitleservices.comor by phone at 305-705-3428.

Smith & Associates Title Servicesis a full service real estate law firm, offering a comprehensive array of services at reasonable fees. Whatever your real estate needs, whether commercial or residential, Smith & Associates Title Services can walk you through it. In our current economic climate, real estate decisions need to be made with extreme caution--and with a real estate attorney you can TRUST! Before you take the plunge, make sure you have a raft! Call Smith & Associates Title Services today at 305-705-3428.

Attention Florida homeowners: Smith & Associates Title Servicesprocesses all Florida short sales for FREE! Yet another reason why the Sunshine State shines so bright!

Renee Marie Smith, Esq. may be contacted by email at renee@smithtitleservices.comor by phone at 305-705-3428.

For book purchases, please visit: http://www.smithtitleservices.com/my-short-sale-gurus-guide/

Follow Renee Marie Smith, Esq. on the following social media outlets:






Psychologist J. R. Slosar challenges Americans to reject the "Culture of Excess" and redefine success

Discover success without the excess! The "culture of excess," embraced by American society, has infected our values and left us longing for an unsatisfying success--until now! In his new and thought-provoking book, The Culture of Excess: How Americans Lost Self-Control and Why We Need to Redefine Success, Dr. J. R. Slosar exposes our misguided culture and reveals how behavioral changes can save us from reaching the inevitable point of no return. Extensively researched, The Culture of Excess connects economic calamity and social dysfunction to the overall decline of psychological well-being in American society. Dr. Slosar reinforces his theory through case studies and numerous vignettes before arming the reader with the tools to identify this phenomenon and break free from its talons-- before they sink too deep!

Dr. J. R. Slosar is a licensed psychologist and has dedicated twenty-five years to building his practice in Irvine, California. As an adjunct assistant professor at Chapman University in Orange California, Dr. Slosar teaches Child and Developemntal Psychology. Through his book and research, he is able to demonstrate the impact on our development from the powerful forces of a culture of excess. In addition to practicing and teaching psychology, Dr. Slosar has carved an impressive niche in the realm of criminal justice and provides forensic evaluations from court referrals, with a specialty in evaluating teenagers. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he has served as an administrative clinician for the employees and family members of federal law enforcement personnel, and thus understands the challenges that face those who are sworn to protect us.

Dr. Slosar's professional memberships have included the following:

--President, Orange County Psychological Association (2004)

--Former board member, California Coalition of Ethical Mental Health Care

--Board member, California Psychological Association (2006-2007)

--Board Member, California Association of Psychology Providers (CAPP)

--Member, American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), the nation's professional organization of independent nonfiction writers

Find your success! Get your copy of The Culture of Excess today and begin your journey to a satisfying and rewarding future!

J. R. Slosar, Ph. D. may be contacted as follows:

By email: jrslosar@gmail.com

By phone: 949-851-8277

Linked In: Jay Slosar

For book purchases, please visit: www.thecultureofexcess.com



Artist Rejects Patriarchal Society and Empowers Woman to Forge New Pathway

Kimberly Berg has awakened the ancient goddess! A male feminist artist, Berg's work challenges the patriarchal system that has evolved to dominate our world by exposing it as a system that is not only unworkable and unsustainable, but also unjust. Guided by the prehistoric record, which shows evidence that pre-patriarchal Neolithic societies respected and honored their women, Berg believes that we are approaching the tipping point of patriarchal dominance as women gain the confidence to reclaim their inherent birthright. And just to be sure a feminist transformation is underway, Berg has heaved the final stones necessary to tip the scale by launching a campaign to educate the public on the history of women's culture and the factors that led to its unfortunate subjugation.

Berg has recently unveiled The Legacy of the Goddess, a power point presentation which outlines the forgotten pre-history of women's culture and highlights the revered role of woman in Neolithic societies. By bringing his message to classrooms and community centers across the country, Berg hopes to restore the female voice so that she may dance once again into the wind.

Kimberly Berg holds a Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Wisconsin, with a concentration in Ancient History. He lives a self-sustaining life of voluntary simplicity in a Thoreau-like cabin, surrounded by the trees and wildlife of the Adirondack Mountains. Without electricity and with only a wood burning stove for heat in this sometimes harsh climate, Berg has forged an essential pact with nature and has learned to respect and appreciate the elements of his lifestyle that have become extinct in modern society. His interest in women's advocacy was sparked by a book written by Layne Redmond entitled When Drummers Were Women, which opened his eyes to the historical decline in women's stature and the urgent necessity that both genders work together to restore equality for the greater good of humanity.

Join Kimberly Berg in his quest to awaken the ancient goddess. To learn more, please visit: http://www.isisrising.net

For speaking engagements, please contact Kimberly Berg at kdegas@artlover.com.


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