Live free and do business in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan
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New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan

New Hampshire's highly educated workforce, accessible and nimble government focused on the needs of the business community, beautiful natural resources and overall high quality of life, combined with our low-tax environment and absence of an income or sales tax, have consistently made our state one of the best in the nation for doing business.

We value innovation and have worked hard to lay the foundation for cutting-edge business development, economic growth and job creation.

Many resources are available to businesses, including millions of dollars that are invested in job training to keep our workforce strong and our industries competitive, and we provide a wealth of technical assistance to help businesses of all sizes.

New Hampshire's small and open state government is highly in tune with, and responsive to, our business community, working to form lasting partnerships and recognizing the power of making a business feel valued and connected. In a small state, there is a familiarity and intimacy for businesses. We know them, and they know that their government is ready to respond to their needs. Whatever the situation, our businesses know that help is a phone call away. From that point, resources are pulled together and the issue does not rest until it is resolved.

Our state's low crime rate, quality health care, open space, cultural opportunities and highly regarded schools, colleges and universities offer a quality of life unlike anywhere else. New Hampshire consistently ranks high as one of the healthiest, safest and most livable states in the nation, as well as one of the best states to raise a family.

And New Hampshire's awe-inspiring natural beauty, rich history, recreational activities and tax-free shopping make us an ideal state in which to live and work. From the noble mountains that tower over the North Country, to our beautiful lakes and rivers, to the sandy beaches along our Seacoast, and all our vibrant cities and small-town main streets in between, the Granite State offers a variety of cultural, historical and recreational activities.

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We are working hard every day to make New Hampshire an even stronger and more innovative state. Our most recent budget significantly increases investments in higher education, technical assistance for businesses, economic development, and travel and tourism promotion, as well as the priorities that are essential for maintaining our state's high quality of life.

It also moves forward with efforts to develop an innovative Business One-Stop that better consolidates all relevant information and services for companies looking to do business in New Hampshire. And we have launched a Commission on Innovation, Efficiency and Transparency in State Government that seeks to partner with the business and nonprofit community to continue improving state services for businesses and individuals.

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As governor, I continue to focus on fostering innovation to support the efforts of our businesses to create good jobs that can sustain a strong middle class.

I like to say New Hampshire is an "all hands on deck" kind of state, where everyone rolls up his sleeves and pitches in to keep us moving forward. We are a state that combines a sense of independence and community like nowhere else, and our rugged individualism, combined with a strong sense of community and civic engagement, makes us an excellent location to start, move or expand a business.

I know that once any company takes a look at the Live Free or Die State, they will seek to take advantage of all we have to offer, because New Hampshire is the place to Live Free and Do Business.

—By New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan

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