Cramer: Dinged by Market Blind Spot

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There's something developing right under the surface of the market, and Cramer is stunned that more people don't see it.

It fills Cramer with frustration because the Mad Money host believes it's somewhat obvious.

"That is, we endure the negatives yet we obscure the positives," Cramer said. "And it goes on and on and there's nary a word about how that just might not make sense."

Cramer thinks Wall Street has become so convinced that the 2013 rally can't endure, it all but seeks out negative developments to convince itself to sell.

"I know it is a new quarter but I find myself exhausted already by those who think it can't last," Cramer added.

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The Mad Money host sees every reason that it can last. And he's dismayed that those reasons aren't getting more attention.

"There's a remarkable resurgence in the transports, particularly the rails, which says so much about where we can go. The rails act well because commerce is picking up," Cramer explained. "Meanwhile, Starbucks sees green shoots in Europe and is going great guns in China," he added. "And Macy's and PVH say spending is strong."

Those are merely a handful of examples. Cramer thinks if you dig down into the market, you'll find dozens of similar developments.

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But he adds, don't look for any of them to get significant attention. Being positive isn't fashionable on Wall Street right now.

"It's a ridiculous blind spot and it shows no sign of changing any time soon," Cramer lamented. And Cramer hates that, because he thinks ultimately the emphasis on negatives will keep individual investors out of the market when they should be in. "In the long-run I fear it will cost you money," he said.

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