Gov. Dave Heineman: Much to discover in Nebraska

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman
Image source: State of Nebraska
Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman

In Nebraska, we are proud to be a top state for business. Nebraska offers a unique opportunity for business success, and consistently lands in the top 10 national rankings for best-run states, top states for economic competitiveness, pro-business, high quality of life, educational attainment, and best state for growth and innovation.

Having a diverse and robust economy, Nebraska withstood the national economic slowdown better than the vast majority of states. With the second-lowest unemployment rate in the country, Nebraska's growth rate has consistently exceeded the national average.

Nebraska provides customers with electrical power at some of the lowest rates in the nation. The Nebraska Advantage business incentives package enhances the state's job climate and makes Nebraska a preferred location for starting and growing businesses. The Nebraska Advantage emphasizes capital investment, innovation, job creation and training for workers.

Additionally, Nebraska is focused on enhancing talent and innovation, encouraging research, prototyping as well as commercialization and development within Nebraska. As part of the Talent and Innovation Initiative, Nebraska specifically encourages investment in high-tech start-up enterprises by providing refundable state income tax credits to qualified Nebraska investors through the Angel Investment Tax Credit.

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Nebraska is having exciting business announcements on a regular basis. In fact, I just attended a Yahoo expansion announcement in the Greater Omaha area, creating 100 new jobs at their 180,000-square-foot data center.

Additionally, a Texas-based entrepreneur recently located Phynd Technologies, a new innovative software firm, in Kearney, Neb. These are just two recent examples of the hundreds of businesses that chose to locate or expand in Nebraska.

Nebraska's central location, combined with transportation advantages provides access to all major U.S. and overseas markets. Nebraska is in the center of the NAFTA trade corridor, has two foreign trade zones and Interstate 80 that connects Nebraska to both coasts. Nebraska employs more people in the trucking industry than anywhere else in the nation.

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Simply put, quality is exactly the kind of lifestyle you'll find in Nebraska. Come visit us in Nebraska and you will enjoy the wide open spaces, fresh, clean air and water, outstanding educational opportunities, abundant recreational and entertainment amenities, excellent health-care facilities, minimal commute times and a low cost of living.

Nebraska has been in CNBC's America's Top States for Business for the last several years. We appreciate that as a business leader, CNBC has highlighted the progress and success we've made. Let us show you what Nebraska has to offer and why we are a Top 10 State for Business.

By Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman

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