Ravi R. Iyer, MD, Wins "Independent Doctor Award" from Patient Fusion

HERNDON, Va., July 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ravi R. Iyer, MD, a general practitioner practicing locally with offices in Herndon and Sterling, has been recognized as a top Independent Doctor in the US for his contributions to the health of the community. As one of the best reviewed doctors on Patient Fusion, a website allowing patients to find and book appointments with the best doctors in their area, Dr. Iyer demonstrates a clear commitment to the well-being of his local patient community.

From its two locations in Herndon and Sterling Dr. Iyer runs his practice The Iyer Clinic independently at a time when many providers are being incorporated into hospital chains and losing their close personal connection with local patients. To keep his practice thriving, Dr. Iyer uses health technology that helps him improve efficiency and spend more time with patients while letting him provide innovative methods of care and online access for patients to view their health records.

"It would be impossible for us to maintain our commitment to a quality experience for our patients without leveraging the best health technology available. Our practice has been able to do this while staying efficient as an independent physician clinic," said Dr. Iyer about his top ranking.

Patients can use the Patient Fusion website to learn more about Dr. Iyer's expertise and book appointments online, anytime. As a doctor on Patient Fusion, Dr. Iyer also uses the Practice Fusion electronic medical record (EMR) system, allowing him to give patients access to an online portal with the patient's medical records and medical spending tracking—helping patients save money and stay healthy by making better health decisions. Dr. Iyer is an active user of the feature, having granted access to hundreds of patients.

To learn more about Dr. Iyer's practice or to get in touch, visit his online profile here.

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