Gold Mining Stocks ‘Too Cheap’: Rule

The winning gold trade isn't directly in the precious metal, Sprott U.S. Holdings Chairman Rick Rule said Tuesday.

"I think we're headed into a period right now of capitulation selling," he said. "Anything can happen with capitulation selling, which is what we've been seeing recently."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Rule also noted that he believed that gold could go "much higher" in the long term.

"I think that gold is already off from, what, $1,900," he said. "My suspicion is that this is another cyclical decline in a secular bull market, similar to the cyclical decline that we saw in 1975 and 1976, when the gold price came off by almost 50 percent, and then of course rallied famously for 650 percent over, what, six years.

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"Gold is both cyclical and volatile, and I think you'll see both in this market."

Gold ended the day unchanged at $1,243.40 per ounce.

Rule's top gold play wasn't in the metal itself; it was in the gold miners.

"I think some of the miners are simply too cheap," he said.

Rule said that shares of the miners should be considered on a valuation basis.

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"If you look at the streaming companies as an example, Franklin Nevada, Royal Gold and to a lesser extent Silver Wheaton, and you schedule out the net present value of their future cash flows, in particular discounted by today's very, very, very low interest rates, the price response to the cash flow that one would expect at these gold prices is very attractive, particularly on a historic basis," he said.

But that doesn't mean the bottom is in yet, Rule added.

"It doesn't mean in the near term they can't get cheaper," he said.

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